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Erykah Badu Under Fire For Performing For Swaziland Dictator [PHOTOS]



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  • PolkaDots

    Although I agree with her standpoint that she is an artist and doesn’t belong to anyone – that doesn’t mean that you negate good judgement when CHOOSING to participate in shows.

    I hope in the future she decides to consider the POLITICAL climate of the country/area she wishes to “bless” with her talent.

    • Jeff Smith

      I like your last sentence for sure.

    • Jayde da Blade

      very well stated.

  • Jeff Smith

    Erykah, love your music but…
    #4 Your reply to this comment/question was unnecessary and shows you don’t have argument. #5 Sipho Dubue had a nice comeback to you. #10 My reply to your question: It’s an artist’s responsibility to do their own research before accepting a gig from a dictator you know nothing about, not just because your manager brought you an offer. Would I travel to Afghanistan (without verifying myself) the latest, most up to date Travel Advisory from the U.S. Department of Travel regarding Afghanistan? Of course not.

  • Callis

    “I went into a situation not completely knowing [Swaziland’s] political climate,” Really? What a BS excuse! You would think, after the flack Beyoncé and others got for performing for Hannibal Gaddafi, artists in the future would have become more careful and done their RESEARCH on a place and person before performing. The fact that she didn’t do this, makes me think it was basically a money gig. Beyoncé was paid over $2 million for her performance, remember. Badu’s CYA response of giving the money to the servants seems laughable on the surface.

  • ualready

    Who says he is bad the media they said malcolm was bad & the panthers america or no other nation should call him bad cuz every1 is corrupt if there is poor & hungry itz corrupt its not that there is not enough food its plp have no money i see bums sleeping in front of supermarkets the political climate of america is not that good either so plz stop