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As fans await 2 Chainz’ Freebase EP release later today (May 5), MTV unveiled their intimate interview with the rapper, during which he touched on some personal topics. One point of conversation were lyrics from “Freebase,” the title track from the rap star’s aforementioned project, that detail the how the Atlanta native once sold drugs to his own family members.

The line goes: “Sold drugs to my loved ones and it’s hard for me to admit it/ The first time I saw a crack pipe was in my parent’s kitchen.” Chainz admitted that those lyrics came from a personal place and that it’s still very difficult to talk about his past deeds.

“Would you want your loved one to go out in the streets and just deal with what’s going on out there? Deal with people that don’t have the real thing? Deal with robberies,” he asked. But on the same token, the rapper posed a rhetorical question: “Is it a sin?”

Please note that the Hair Weave Killer never specified who he peddled drugs to.

Clearly conflicted, it’s interesting to see Chainz explore his past in his music. Noting that he’s more known for party anthems and slick lines, the Def Jam artist promised that he’ll share more personal details about his life in the future. Hear a portion of 2 Chainz’s hour-long interview below.

Photo: MTV

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