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10 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Teyana Taylor Interview [PHOTOS]

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram


Teyana admitted that she gave her virginity to Brandon Jennings two years after he proposed.

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  • Hositdown

    does she talk about her music?

    • cut the sh!t

      Watch the video dummy….all your questions will be answered

      • Zhouey

        hahahahahaahahahaha…your response made me literally laugh at loud! yes @hositdown – watch and learn before trynna throw your lil Cynthia-Bailey-sized-shade!

      • Hositdown


      • HoneybLex

        Lol @ “lil Cynthia-Bailey-sized-shade”

      • Hositdown

        I actually did and although I found it interesting ..she spoke about her music for like 2 minutes during the whole interview.and spent 30 minutes talking about other stuff, loosing her virginity,text messages, her ex boyfriend, her beefs, and locked up friend… she is known more for Drama than her music…

      • Soul Touch

        If you saw the clip how can you ask ‘does she talk about her music’? LOL I mean she goes in on how she feels about that question, her struggles with the delay, and her projects that she is not credited for because her late music overshadows it…she then about who she is working with. She is mentions your last statement about drama vs her music.

      • Hositdown

        oh when I wrote that comment yesterday I had not yet watched the clip….the 10 points this website chose had little to do with her music…like every body who watched the interview, we all left having an insight on her messy life situations as oppossed to what Direction she is going as an an artist. What should we expect on her album, whats the theme of the album, what makes her different from other artists out now, what makes her think she has a chance in todays music,who she wants to collaborate with in future, who else is she listening to now, what inspireS her music etc??

      • Soul Touch

        Okay, I hear you I hear you.

    • There was no music just 33 minutes of talk….and don’t come for me because I will send you right back where you came from because I listened to the whole interview twice thinking I missed something but still no music….


    I hope after this interview she lets all of this negativity go and focus on her career

  • Mia J

    I think she spoke too much about the situation but on the other hand she seems real, and she’s still young!

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    I guess it’s back to selling s3x….