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Nikko Smith & Mimi Faust Discuss Sex Tape Being Stolen, Shower Rod Position [VIDEO]


As expected, Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust spoke out after the premiere episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta season three. The two discussed their sex tape being stolen in a trip to the Bahamas and how Mimi was able to pull off her infamous shower rod position.

Co-stars Smith and Faust spent the entire morning at The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith where the two answered every in-studio question, before making a shower rod disclaimer.

“I have to give y’all ladies a disclaimer. Do not get in your bathroom and hang on that rod, by yo’ damn self like it’s going to support you,” pleaded the reality TV diva. “Your man has to hold you up and support your weight. I wasn’t swinging from the rod by myself.”

Prior to discussing manhandling rods [pause], the “Shower Rod” crooner himself addressed his sex tape being stolen to further reiterate their porn venture wasn’t planned.

“We expect people to say it was planned or set up, but it’s all good […] everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” stated Smith at the people’s radio station. “You might see it as being professionally done, but it really wasn’t. It was me and her. I held the camera sometimes, and sometimes it was on the tripod.”


Catch the full exclusive on Nikko and Mimi in the video below. Do you think the tape was really stolen and leaked? Chime in at the bottom.

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  • Melody Carroll

    he looks so gay and ugly

    • You’renotme

      He is lmao!! That is what makes her look even more desperate! HAHAHA! Stebbie and Jose not worried about ya’ll lol Nikko really think he the MAN! You stebbie wanna be

  • bigDrew2003

    It wasn’t professionally done, but there are sections where they are both on screen and the camera moves?

  • You’renotme

    The tape wasn’t leaked you lien pieces of ish!!! Both ya’ll OLD AS DIRT! In ya 40s and cool but WHY leaked tapes?? OLD BIRD BYE!

  • You’renotme

    THE CALLERS GOING IN!!!! Hhaahahh Mimi WHY you mad??? Hahahaha Grill those LIARS!!!! YEEEEESSSSS!

  • You’renotme

    OKAY BUT LMAO@steve and Jordan smh

  • anonmyous

    Mimi is going to stick to that lie come hell or high water.

  • Handle yours

    PS…you don’t need to explain yourself to ANYONE. You made decisions for YOUR life. NO ONE else has to live w/the results from those decisions. Do & Be You. We ALL have skeletons and ish we don’t want the world to see…the only difference is ours isn’t broadcast to the world.

  • Handle yours

    N BOOM!!! I too have checked $1500 shoes & $2000 bags, not my favs are in the carry ones…but I won’t apologize for expecting mofos NOT to go through my is…to each their own.