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Saigon Says Baby Mama Drama Was Because She Wanted To Be Kim Kardashian


Saigon has some interesting endeavors in the works, but all too many people remember him by is his time on Love & Hip Hop New York, where his volatile relationship with his baby mama was on full display. According to the Yardfather, he was sincerely trying to set a good example, but Erica Jean wanted to be Kim Kardashian. 

Saigon told The Urban Daily:

My way of trying to outsmart the system is to try and make it more so about single parenthood and black fathers because we’re always ridiculed for being absent. So I went up there with a female who I had irresponsible sex with and I really didn’t know her, but we have a child. So I went up there to show that, that’s not really an excuse for not being in your child’s life. It just kind of ended up going haywire cause she wanted to be Kim Kardashian. She wanted to go up there and be famous, as we see now, all over the Internet with sex scandals and all this shit she’s into. My purpose was to show that we can lead by example.

Oh that’s what happened. Check out the full story, including Saigon’s new label, website and his take on his visit to Iyanla: Fix My Life, over at The Urban Daily.

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  • He’s-off-his-meds

    Oh boy please they’re both ridiculous but he’s so ridiculous that he doesn’t see his part. He’s so busy pretending to be dad of the year. I pray for the child because he didn’t choose these parent’s.


    He prolly saw how crazy he looked on the show and is trying to do damage control

  • Mary Jackson

    Shut up Saigon!!

  • Wtf

    Wtf!!…this dude is a piece of work one min. He went from sayn they were friends for 8 yrs. To not knowing her Wtf is it …I really think he bipolar forreal!!..dude never been in the media this much…he will be known for the “that dude that flipped out on his baby mama on lhhpnyc” and not for music.#just messy as he!!