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Bangin Candy: Chocolate Cake-Heavy Raven Buchana [PHOTOS]


Instagram has become the platform of choice for women who set thirst traps. And while we usually eurostep these like James Harden in the 4th quarter, we sometimes find ourselves caught up in the rapture of parchedness when we spot, say, a Raven Buchana.

Our latest Bangin Candy’s physique has actually been compared to BC alum Brianna Bette, which says a lot. To put it plainly, Buchana is as thick as air in the summertime and she knows it. Her Instagram page is full of proper photos that display her curvaceous hips and posterior and three times more thirsty comments.

But then again, shooters are always going to shoot.

After the jump, you’ll find a gallery of Raven Buchana’s flicks. Peep those and give us your thoughts in the comments.

Soul Food & Eye Candy .

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  • mike h


  • She is fine.

  • DRUNK247

    Nice.No injections can beat that

  • DRUNK247

    Needs to lose the beer belly


    oh god d@mn

  • You’renotme

    She is BAD!!!!

  • beth

    She has a beautiful face with a nice skin tone but she is too thick.

  • Christophe Tam

    She is gorgeous

  • truther

    Why she look slimmer in the professional pics tho?.. Think on it..She thick as F but what she going look like after the babies & a few years past?