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French Montana Takes Khloe Kardashian To ATL’s Compound Nightclub [PHOTOS]



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  • Otis Django

    It ends BADLY for any man involved with a Kardashian:

    Kris Jenner – Sxe change operation
    Lamar Odom – On Crack
    Scott Disick – Unemployed, mentally ill.



    • Jay Lamont

      SO U CAN RUN

  • truthbetold

    BLACK WOMEN SHOULD BE OPEN TO DATING/MARRYING MEN OF OTHER RACES. Black men don’t limit themselves neither should Black Women. Black Women are the most beautiful women in the world.

    • gt


    • TressTress

      He’s not black!

      • none

        He is from Africa he is black

      • TressTress

        Broaden you’re horizons. Everyone from Africa is NOT black.

      • unwelcome

        Technically he is still African-American

      • Run

        You mean to say, “[N]ot everyone from Africa is black”, which means that some Africans are black while others are not. Your sentence reads as “nobody from Africa is black”.

        It’s common in our community. Some people say, “All that glitters ain’t [sic] gold.” That means if it glitters, it isn’t gold, and that’s not the intent of the sentence.

        The person who uses the “glitter-gold” quote means to say that some things that glitter are gold, while other things that glitter are not. Properly stated, it should read: “Not all that glitters is gold.” The subset gold is part of the larger set of things that glitter.

        I really hate to be a troll, but we must try to hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard of English language expression.

      • chaka1

        So Charlize Theron is black? Cool…

      • keena

        I guess Charlize Theron is Black?

    • Run

      That means black MEN are the most beautiful men in the world. The most beautiful women in the world belong with the most beautiful men in the world.

    • Truparadox1

      Of course, Black men don’t limit themselves to dating black woman. Black men will lay with whatever and whoever is stupid to do so.

  • gt


  • dezy p

    I just wish her marriage to lamar had worked out!! Hate seeing her in nightclubs with sleazebags like this!!

    • TressTress

      Hopefully, this rebound won’t last long. She just has to get through,

    • gingersnobb

      I agree. Lamar seems to have gotten himself together.

    • killa55

      so whats better, a sleazebag or a crack head??

  • SAnn Wood

    She has on tooooo much makeup! Yuck! And u know how these broads are, they like black penis, but they dont like being surrounded by blacks, lol

    • smdh

      So true she knows that’s really not her scene (black clubs) she need to go home…she hangs around the wrong type of dudes


    I can’t believe they are really together

  • Queen B

    She looks out of her element in there. Here in the A Compound is chocolate city!

  • Steve Stone

    she aint my cup of tea, but between the fake booty, new hairdo and makeup, the broad is looking better. I’ll give her that

  • Rain Maria

    She looks uncomfortable

  • Truparadox1

    This guy is stuck in 1988, with the fat gold chains

  • jack

    This is her handler until she finish….She is not in a relationship with him. He’s there to make sure she doesn’t flip out with all the stuff being done to her mind…wake up people…you have no idea!!!!