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Donald Sterling’s Most Disturbing Quotes On Anderson Cooper 360 [PHOTOS]


On Monday night (May 12), Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, spoke out for the first time since his tape-recorded racist scandal.

Sterling, at the expense of Magic Johnson’s integrity no less, had quite a mouthful to say in his defense while speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The bigoted business tycoon seemed to have lacked any real perception as he repeatedly declared himself as non-racist. While some viewers sympathized with an old man who’s supposedly suffering at the hands of “dementia,” others believed he was merely playing his hand at being naive.

In an effort to deflect from his ill-will toward people of color, the 80-year-old’s word vomit included bashing Magic for contracting HIV and not doing enough for “minorities.” He even went as far as to suggest Cooper himself was more of a “plantation owner” and “racist against Blacks,” all while begging for forgiveness.

In short, Sterling really believes he’s done good for his (Black) players and, as such, is a wonderful citizen of the world. A racist? No way. He was wickedly “baited” into a “terrible mistake” by the side-piece he thought loved him. Who knows? Maybe old age really is getting the best of him. In any case, there are certainly a few screws missing in that billion-dollar head of his and last night’s conversation was proof of it.

Flip the page to see Sterling’s most disturbing quotes throughout his interview on Anderson Cooper 360, and catch footage at the end.

Photos: CNN/YouTube/WENN

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  • guest

    So he does admit to having plantation mentality. This is the most ridiculous interview I’ve ever seen. P.S. giving out free tickets to inner city kids wasn’t because he was trying to help he was trying to put some butts in the seats of his games.

  • Fitch

    Whn u have a billion dollars your attorney does not allow u to do this-he is crazy and this is even more fuel to the fire on why he’s out- but it took NBA too long to get rid of this fool, because NBA really stands for NoBlacksAllowed as 100% owners of teams- u can own a % but not 51%. Now go drive around w spinning wheels and tvs on in the back seat w nobody there.

  • Say What?

    I don’t need to watch a “sit down” with a racist to understand why he is in fact racist. Sell your team and fall back into obscurity.

  • I don’t understand the hate

    Disturbing interview!