Philadelphia police have two parents in custody after they say the couple robbed a jewelry store in the presence of their son before accidentally leaving him behind.

47-year-old John Benson and 31-year-old Sheakia Stubbs were arrested Monday for robbing the Platinum Ice and Jewelry Store.

The couple and their 4-year-old son entered the store and asked to look at women’s rings.

The boy’s mother then created a distraction while the father reached behind the counter and grabbed a tray of rings worth over $50,000.

When employees noticed what the man was doing, the woman ran off leaving the child and his father behind.

The man argued with the owner of the store before slashing his face and neck with a blade. He then ran off as well, leaving the 4-year-old with the store employees.

The couple was arrested later at a local motel.

The child has been put in custody of the Department of Humane Service.

Check out the coverage from the Associated Press below.


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