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Mother Charged With Attempted Murder For Stabbing 3-Month-Old Daughter [PHOTOS]



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  • fedup

    no mention of “dah baby daddy”…just an attempt to get “e-bin” wit him cause he left her for another “skeezer”

    • Assami Chica

      The father was given custody

    • Aang


  • Jay Lamont


  • igor12

    Where do these sick puppies come from?

    • Aang


  • PutAsmileOnThatFace

    How any person could harm an infant is beyond me. This lady needs her head beat in with a brick. Probably mad because the “gubment” denied her assistance. So the baby was probably crying because she was hungry and the mom snapped.

    • Aang


  • Guest

    Please do us all a favor and let her kill herself. What kind of a monster takes the time to plan out a little innocent babies killing. I hope she dies a terrible death.

    • Aang


  • Anahit Markosyan

    Please do us all a favor and let her kill herself. What kind of a monster takes the time to plan out a little innocent babies killing????? I hope she dies a terrible death.

  • ss

    The community doesn’t need to pray for them, they need to make sure she never breeds again and all procedures done with no anesthetic whatsoever

    • Aang


  • Mariann Pepitone

    She needs to be in prison for life. And its not mental illness it is to get even with the father. I don’t believe every one that kills or tries to kill someone has a mental illness. They take their madness out on people or children.

  • L.G.

    I’m speculating it’s postpartum depression. The woman probably thought she was a bad mother and felt the baby would be better off dead. The whole premises of the story seems to lead in that direction. Hopefully more facts will come out.

    • Aang


  • Scott Gower

    It seems like Post Partum Depression is “the thing” now…every woman who harms her own child is just depressed. They’re not bad, they’re actually victims too! Its the same crap that the “psychologists” have been producing for a generation. Nobody is actually responsible when they act badly anymore. No matter WHAT they do, its never their own fault. They’re depressed…they were abused as a child…or even molested as a child…they weren’t loved enough when they were growing up. But, of course, none of this ever came out *before* they went on a rampage of some sort. Only afterward…when they’re looking at decades in prison and need a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

  • naoma

    Hang her high. Sterilize her.

  • mamatoone

    This could be postpartum depression. Depending on the severity, it can cause psychosis. In the UK they do automatic screening for it. I just hope that baby is now in a safe and loving home.

  • Aang


  • WhatMoreCanISay

    Wow. I can’t even speculate. This is beyond my imagination or comprehension. I’ve got nothing, except rip to the little angel.