Ice Cube Sends Diss Shots To Jay-Z, Kanye West & Eminem [Video]


“The Ni**a Ya Love To Hate” is on his way back with a vengeance and he seems to be gunning at anyone holding his former position.

In the new track “Drink The Kool Aid, it’s not only the “New West” that placed that chip on Ice Cube’s shoulder but apparently Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West have pissed off the O.G.

It ain’t “No Vaseline” but the blade is still sharp…

Peep More Videos After The Jump As Cube Spits More Venom Directed To His “Bastard Chil-ren!!!” [More]

Ice Cube Sending Shots To The New West

Be True To Da Game: A MESSAGE TO THE SELLOUTS!…ice cube predicted it 18 years ago!

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  • Animetate

    Sooooooo, he’s calling them a sellout for wearing suits and correcting broken english?

    Is that what it means to be black? Not to smile, wear suits, speak properly or live in a good neighborhood?

    Get the f*** out of here with this garbage.

  • WCK

    So nt cool

  • jay e yay e

    Dig these blues em nice butt Cube do homework and 9 xs outta 10 em wont respond cuz Cube would end his career. He da only dude that murked a whole cru so dre would advise ole boy to stay quiet, but id like to hear either one of em to say sumthing baby. Cube would love it too!!!! STR8 WEST COASTIN ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy Cousins

    ok Ice Cube was a good rapper I suppose back in the day, I dont like rapp so I wouldnt know, but who is he to down talk the rappers of today, when he is just as fake as they are, when was the last time he visited his homies in da hood, turned up a forty of OE, Rep his Crip set, act like a hood nigg$, and gave back to all his lil homies the dope game…Im guessing never since he’s not ghetto anymore, like all the other fake a$$ hood nigg$ gettin jobs, or record deals, so sit down and call ur new homies (some white preppy mf I figure) and chat it up with them about playing golf or polo or what eva u new Black men do with your time…cuz remember your no longer a NiGG$, so u cant speak on NIGG$ thangs…

  • PoeticJustice

    Ice Cube would lyrically murder Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Gay-Z…not sure if he should be dissing Em though, Em and Cube are both down with Dre and have toured together in the past… If he does diss Em, Cube would kill him. “No Vaseline 2010” lol

  • Arturo The1

    Why so serious?