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Anti-Obama Billboards Hit Atlanta [Video]


A stream of billboards denouncing The President as a socialist and asking people to rally to vote liberals out of office are hitting the highways around the metro Atlanta area.

The group responsible for the billboards, BillboardsAgainsObama.com, says the high flying post are just them expressing their freedom of speech.

The billboards read “Stop Obama Socialism” and “Now It’s Personal, America’s Coming for You Congress! Vote Liberals Out in 2010!” and cost the group $2,500 to $3,500 per sign.

Supporters can buy a billboard of their own with anti-Obama messages from the group through their website.
The owners wish to remain anonymous and only communicate with supporters via email.
Check out 11 Alive’s coverage of the billboards below.

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  • These people are against Obama as a person, which is anti-American in its nature.

  • Jessica Wabbit

    I agree Ben! How can these people call themselves Americans and just be mean and cruel to Obama as a person.

  • Zaid

    These fools have to chill. I didn’t see and anti Bush posters when Bush was in office (Bush actually caused the things that people are blaming Obama for). As for the healthcare, they’re just being selfish and not being considerate for those who, in the past weren’t able to afford to see a doctor. Most the Obama haters I’ve met don’t even know wtf the healthcare is.


    IT”Z A WHITE MANS WORLD……. You NEGROS FORGOT…. Now that we have a BLACK president, we feel as if we made it…… This country was built on LIES and it will FALL to em………… BLACK PEOPLE STOP FALLING FOR THE BULLSYHT, They will always dislike you.. LEARN TO LOVE YOUR OWN

  • There some funny Anti Obama stickers at LibertyShirtMarket.com