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Man Arrested For Beating, Caging Woman Who Escaped Prostitution


A Georgia man was arrested on charges of assault, battery, kidnapping and pimping after police say he ordered a group of prostitutes he pimped to severely beat and cage a 21-year-old woman for no longer wanting to be one of his workers.

Police believe 27-year-old David Lee Walker ordered a group of four prostitutes to attack the girl after she refused to sell her body and retreated to a local Atlanta restaurant.

When Walker found the woman, she was taken to a local hotel and beaten by four prostitutes before being confined to by a 3-by-5 foot dog cage.

Police were tipped off to the girl’s whereabouts after the man took pictures of the woman and sent them to his friends.

They report that her eyes were swollen shut and she had a large gash on her head from being hit with a bottle.

According to CBS, the four women—Amber Knight, Whitney Luckett, Robertenette Gordon-Deaver and Keyanna Powell, all face charges of aggravated assault. Amber Knight also faces an additional charge of false imprisonment for putting the woman in the cage.

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  • Jessica Wabbit

    SMH….I’m glad that caught these fools! Disgusting!

  • Apro

    Let’s see how they like being in a cage!!

  • Just think this is what some of these missing kids are doing.

  • Joyce

    The MAN should be put to death and the women get life in prison.

  • Marlena Skeppell

    I know all them. Its just about time they got caught. they was always beating girls up and beating each other up.

  • Tiffany

    I know Keyana and as a mother she is a good kid. Just mixed up with the wrong kind of people. May God have mercy on these children. That man deserves whatever he gets. DEVIL!!!!!!

  • lizzie

    Keyanna is sweet girl she just got mixed up with the wrong group of people

  • bre

    i was in jail for a month with amber knight, just saw her last thursday before i left.