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Man Slashes Dog For Being Racist


A Yonkers man was arrested by local police after he slashed a German shepherd because it was racist.

According to 58-year-old Andrew Owens, Jenna the German shepherd only barked at minorities and bit him in the past because of his race.

When the dog began barking at him on Tuesday, Owens reportedly became so furious that he took out a nine inch knife and slashed the dog across the face.

The dog was reportedly cut from the right eye down to the eye socket bone.

The dog lost an eye because of the incident and was hospitalized.

What’s especially interesting about the incident is the reaction from the owner Paul Tocco. He concurs with Owens and says the dog has an issue with people who are not white.
He tells The LoHud,

“The dog reacts to black people, Hispanics, anyone who is not white. She always barked at him. He (Owens) was well aware the dog didn’t like him, and he knew to stay away from her.”

Owens now faces a felony aggravated cruelty charge.

Soooo was the dog trained not to like minorities or is that just a quaint coincidence?


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  • Tyrone

    that white dawg was racist. he got wat was coming to him.

    • BikerBiker

      The dog isnt racist,..the person is,..he is the one that attacked and cut the dog,…freaking people like this should get the maxium ammount of time in priosion for doing shyt like this.

      If it was his dog that lost its eye,..how do you thing he would feel ?

      Dogs are more aware than people,..if this dog didnt like this person, then it appears that now we know why.

      How about an “Eye For An Eye” ?

      • DWAYNE


    • DopeTastikDeeTickles

      “that dog you know as Rin Tin Tin, i KNOW as a RACIST!!!” lol

    • Lindy

      I know nobody is going to be agreeing with this. I see that the owner was racist. But, the dog was allowed to run about and be a noise disturbance, and the owner was irresponsible. I am sure if I walked past the fence, the dog would go off. Why? because the owner allowed the dog to bark at everyone. I don’t think the man should of slashed the dog. I do believe that all the people in the neighborhood should of filed police complaints the dog was disturbing the peace. There are laws about that. The dog had to suffer because the owner, obviously, found humor in the dog barking at minorities. This is a bad owner, he should of took care of his dog and stopped letting the dog feel like he had to protect his yard. It’s not a dog’s job to do that. It’s terrible it happened , someone should call the police if this owner continues to let his dog be annoying and dangerous.

  • Kierah

    I knew a dog like that in North Carolina. His owner named him Dusty because he claimed the dog didn’t like “dusties.”

  • BURR!

    “AK hit yo dog and you cant bring OL YELLA BACK!”

  • Renee

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, that’s funny. Too bad he didn’t stab the owner to death.

    • joe mamma

      first thing, Renne, you are probably a minority yourself since you are so incompetent to comprehend that the black man was antagonizing the dog.. maybe that’s too hard for you to understand…?

      • dani525

        It’s funny that some of you make comments about how minorities are so imcompotent and what not when you fail to realize that you’re on a website that has exculsive coverage about an industry that is majorly executed by minorities. Interesting. In reference to the post, that man has issues beyond his ethnicity. I agree with Sunny8663. He should have just stayed away. However, this doesn’t overshadow the fact that it is possible for the dog to be trained to bark at minorities. That doesn’t make the dog racist though. I’m sure dogs have no pyschological determinant of what is racist and what isn’t. IF, “if” being the operative word, he was trained to do so, the owner[s] were racist.Fact of the matter is that the man shouldn’t have done what he did. Point blank.

  • H H

    stupid minorities, even the dogs hate them now.


    I don’t think you can train a dog to be racist.

    • digdat

      Well, dogs can bark at whomever they want. White people can hate whomever they want just as well as blacks can hate whoever they choose. Hate is one of those guarantees in life just like death and stupid people. It’s guarunteed to always be there.

  • tom c

    nogs hate everything better then them. GO JENNA!!!

  • jmrc

    I hope that dog bit the Shyte out of him for that. He should have minded his business and stayed away from her. Who made him the racist dog avenger anyway?

    People who show violence to animals will hurt people even worse. Psycho.

  • Common Sense

    It’s all a part of the dog’s genetics and protective nature. Dogs have a sense for people who aren’t like the family they are a part of and they react negatively toward them. This can be seen as racist, but if a dog were raised by hispanics or blacks then it would more than likely react aggressively toward a white person.

    Pay attention in school or read book, idiots.

    • digdat

      As a pitbull terrier owner, I would like to say that you are somewhat correct. Dogs do tend to look at outsiders (race-wise) as a greater threat to territorial security. But dogs do stay on guard with everyone whom isn’t part of the home.

  • Ihatepeople

    Just like you can teach a child how to be racist, you can teach a dog how to be racist. I’m happy the dog got slashed, maybe next time he would think before barking at a minority. Jo Mamma, you’re comment is racist. Why do you assume that the person is a minority because the person does not understand the article? You and the dog are on the same level, such a shame.

    Thanks and bye.

  • benzoe88

    thats good for the dog

  • Latarian

    Unfortunately he had to go to jail for doing what is right. It is too bad he did not stab the owner and make the dog suffer more.



  • Derp


  • Amber

    shoulda kilt his azz!

  • jOHN b

    the dog was trained to react that way..

  • tim1842

    what is even worse than this sickening incident of cruelty to animals is the shamefull responses from MOST of the posters on here. this sicko owens should go to jail for two years and the idiotic owner of the poor animal should be jailed for a year and NEVER be allowed to own animals again. owens is like way too many blacks in america today: he sees racism E V E R Y W H E R E!! “that tree is looking at me funny, it must be racist, i’m gonna stab it”. i feel sorry for any non-black neighbors. i feel even sorrier for you sick people who see this as something funny, or feel owens was justified in harming this poor animal. that is the biggest problem with race relations in america today: too many black people cry ‘racism’ over pretty much anything. i can just imagine the response from these same posters had a white person done the exact same thing. it would have made the six o’clock news. sharpton and jackson would be leading marches demanding life in prison for the racist white person. but now a BLACK person whining “racism”? well, he must be telling the truth…. i feel sorry for you mis-guided, uneducated, ignorant people.

    • digdat

      Truthfuly speaking. You thinking that every black person in America acts or thinks the same is just as ignorant. I’m black and can clearly see that the idiot was wrong for stabbing, slashing, mutilating, defacing or whatever else we would like to call it.

  • Mugu Yaro

    I feel sorry for John “animal loving head up his backside” B for being such a pacifiest Uncle Tom mofo!!!

    Wake up & smell the coffee, there is racisme all around you. Latent & blatant, overt & covert, by ommission & by commission…& it won’t go away by itself.

  • tanisha

    @ trevor. That’s the smartest thing said. You can not train a dog to be racist. They react on instinct. Do any of you think that the dog SENSED that this man was off? Which is what dogs especially german shepards are good at. I mean seriously all of you saying the dog is racist sound like morons.

    I had a boyfriend a few years ago that my cat hated. She always wanted to leave when he came over and never went next to him ever. Come to find out that bum was cheating. She knew by her instinct he was no good this is what animals do. I see they are smarter than some of you in here. You actually believe the dog knows what racism is?? Idiots

    • P slap

      Let’s look at the situation here, all of the blame lies at the feet of the owner. I can’t blame the man for stabbing the dog if in fact, as the report states, the dog had bitten him before in the past. I know I would not be willing to take a dog bite and I would defend myself with any weapon I had available. If an animal attacks then a person has the right to defend themselves . Also, if we are to believe the dogs owner that the dog did react negatively to people who were non white then why was i the dog not or reconditioned or retrained. It is sad that the dog had to loose an eye due to the stupidity of the owner because they either encouraged the dog’s behavior or they failed to correct the dog’s behavior. This should serve as a cautionary tale to all dog owners, if you dog has behavior issues then correct them with professional training before your beloved dog gets hurt or it hurts another person and you become the person being arrested or sued.

  • brett

    Wow. After reading some of these comments I can’t help but wonder if the majority of black people are really this dumb. Educate yourselves. You should be embarrassed.

  • brett

    Some of you white people should be embarrassed too with your racist A$$ comments.

  • Linda

    I agree that animals are not racist, or bigoted or anything like that. They DO react to fear, nervousness, and different body odors, ways of walking and such things. If a dog can smell a cancerous growth inside a person’s body, how much easier would it be for them to smell an odor from a person’s body. There are people who simply set dogs (or cats) off by the way they stand , walk or talk. I don’t believe the dog was “taught” to be that way, but I can believe that it did react differently to minorities, I’ve heard of that being the case many times before. There was absolutely no reason to harm the dog and the fact that the dog did not attack what was obviously a threat shows that the dog was simply saying there was something about the man he didn’t like. How else can a dog relay this information besides barking, it’s not like he can speak English for heaven’s sake!

  • 8Dog Owner

    The owner should be haunted by his actions and words, jailed and never own another animal! I agree with one other comment, sorry shame the dogs are more human than these idiots!! Dogs react to fear, they sense danger and it’s their natural instinct to protect themselves. Poor little guy, I hope someone gives him a good home and love. I pray for God to give His revenge!! It WILL be done! Judgement day is coming and you will have to answer ….stupid idiots! I don’t care if you’re black or white, you had NO REASON doing what you did!!

  • just visiting

    I think the story goes both ways… Maybe the dog was trained to not like miniorities(blacks), but then again it wasnt.. but the qustion is WHY? doesnt the dog like blacks…. If the owner dosent like blacks then what strange problems… Dont just say it was the dog problem or the man problem.. resolve te issue

  • sparks

    Maybe the dog is a very good judge of character!!!!!

  • svooe

    It’s a red flag when someone abuses an animal. People who abuse and kill animals often go on to do the same to people!!
    Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Boston Strangler all began their sick killings first with animals before moving on to humans. Animal abuse can not be taken lightly.
    God created animals and wants people to care for them.

  • Jude Folivi

    Poor dog! Ignorant owner!



  • J


  • MacMadGram

    My heart is broken to see what happened to this beautiful German shepherd. How very sad.

  • comeon

    Wow he should have poisoned the dog so he wouldnt have been caught. No u cant teach a dog to be racist but dogs pick up on their owners energy ex. White people make me uncomfortable, so my dog is uncomfortable around white people. That other dogs owner showed aggression towards minorities, point blank!!

  • BikerBiker

    Through out life,..we,..as a people have been taught to always treet an animal with respect because you never know how one is going to act,…

    A lot of animals do react differently when they come in contact with people,…most of the time an animal will react based upon what they sense from the people they come in contact with.

    If an animal senses hostility they will become protective.
    If an animal senses someone/something, new walking past their “Marked Area” they will become inquisitive, and sometimes bark at the new person or animal thats encroached on their turf.

    I had the pleasure to become the owner of a very aggressive animal, when its owner passed away,….the dog would snarl and snap at people he didnt know,..so it took a little getting used to for me to get him on a leash and walk him.

    The very next day, several people came up to me and said,..
    “Is That The Same Dog ???”,….because he now was wagging his tail, jumping up and down and begging to be petted and play fetch,..or be taken for a walk.

    At first his walks were trying to pull me,..which we straightened out that problem, then when I would walk him he was always by my side, with the leash loose by our side.

    People ask me,…”Isnt that the mean dog that lived down the street???”,…and I’d tell them “Yes”,…….and they wanted to know how did I turn him into such a “Big Puppy” ?

    I explaned that animals are like humans,..if you mistreet them, they will become wary, agressive, and nervous,…..

    But when you take an animal like that, and treet it with kindness and Love,….you will find that “Love” will be returned to you 10 fold, and you will have a “Best Friend” that will Love you unconditionaly.

    Id much rather have that poor dog as my best friend,..than that horriable person that slashed that dog, for no other reason than the fact he is a mean old demented twisted piece of shyt that was intent on hurting that dog.

    Animals have more sense’s that we humans do,..if your animal doesnt like a certain person, take heed,…….

    Sometimes it nothing more than the smell of another animal on that persons cloths,…sometimes it runs much deeper than that.

    I know,…if after a while that my Dog doesnt like someone,..then theres probably good reason, and I pay attention to things like that.

    Take a look at that dog, then at the monster that slashed her eye out.

    Which one would you trust ?

  • Tammie

    Are the people on this blog crazy?!!! Seriously?!! You are celebrating the man who tried to kill this dog?!! You can’t teach a dog to be racist. Dogs react to people that they don’t know or people that they think will attack their family. Even though the owner “confirmed” what the man said about the dog barking at him, it is absolutely ignorant and idiotic to think that the dog deserved to be slashed in such a way. If you think the dog barked at you because you were black, then go away from the damn dog!!! Who cares what a dog thinks or why a dog barks enough to slash its eye out?!! Did he really have so little control over the rest of his life that he had to take out his frustrations on a dog?!! You guys are some of the craziest idiots I have ever read on any blog! Absolute idiots!!!

  • Earl Easterling

    micheal vic lost over 100 million dollars over dogs, show me another case where a whiteman lost that much money for doing anything to black people. how about focusing on real issues. people are losing their JOBS, HOMES, FAMILIES, and this is news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and yall wonder why everybody hates white people. its funny how everybody except the people who started this race thing never see race when its displayed against black people. yall hate to see a black fight back. i’ma end this rant by simply stating this, rosewood, the middle passage, emmitt till, malcolm, medgar, marcus , yall know what i’m talking about.

  • BikerBiker

    Cindy Nelson,…

    Why do you think the dog bit this azzhole in the first instance ?

    Because the man,..”Andrew Owens” was antaganizing it,…

    The dog wasnt going out of its way to bother the man.

    Andrew Owens admitted he didnt like the dog, and that he
    antagonized the dog to the point it bit him,…..

    Now Andrew Owens has carried around a grudge against this dog since then.

    And in this instance, Andrew Owens admitted he antagonized the dog again, then approached the dog and slashed its eye out.

    The dog is not the problem,..its people like Andrew Owens who are abusive,tease, antagonize, and are cruel to animals, which cause the animals to dislike not only them, but people of the same color,..or people who dress in a similar fashion.

    Some dogs dont like people in Uniform simple because they look
    “Different”,….my dog is always glad to see the mailman coming because he knows the mailman is gonna pet him, rub his ears, and give him a treet for being such a good dog.

    My dog knows the difference between who is supposed to come into our yard, and whos not,..if a stranger comes into our yard, the dog will bark, and let me know someone is here.

    Id rather have a dog that will keep people out of my yard, but, for legal reasons, I dont want a dog that bites,..unless he is being abused or tormented.

    People that abuse and torment any animal deserve to be bit,…
    its their own fault.

  • digdat

    Screw you too for hating me for what this idiot did.

  • BikerBiker

    Its a shame that some people have to make everything about “Race”,….

    I have friends of color who have dogs that dont like “White People”,…because they are not around white people much, so the animals are wary of them.

    I have other friends that have dogs that just dont like anyone except their owners, both “Black” people,..and “White” people alike,…they dont want their dogs getting friendly with anyone, so they keep their dogs in the basement, or in another room when company comes over,…….these are “Guard Dogs”,..trained to be that way.

    My close friend passed away, and his dog wouldnt let anyone in the bedroom where the body was,…the Police were considering putting the dog down instead of letting animal control try and remove it,…..thats how mean this dog was.

    Instead, a brother of the dead man was able to get a leash on the dog, and walk him outside and put the dog in the back yard, so the dead body could be removed from the bedroom.

    This dog was stressing out,….BIG TIME !

    All these strange people, wearing Uniforms,..all the neighbors hanging outside the fence that this dog is used to “patroling”,…

    I asked the brother if I could take care of the dog, and he was weary that the dog would go off on me and I might be harmed.

    I told him to put the leash on the dog, we would walk side by side, and he could “Hand Off” the leash to me,..it worked like a charm,..when my friend stopped walking ,..we just kept going.

    I had the dog switch modes in 1 day,..instead of patroling the fence, barking,… snapping,… and acting like he was going to jump over the fence and bite the people walking by,…he would walk the fence alongside the people and just keep an eye on them.

    Never have had a problem since.

    If the owner of this dog,…knew that his dog didnt like people of color, then he should of trained him, and let him get used to others,..or he should of kept him out of harms way.

    But that doesnt mean a human,…that knows better,..should make it a point to antaganize this dog, then slash its eye out.

    People who are cruel to animals, as in this case, should be locked up in an institution, for as long as the law will allow.

    And,..people like Earl,..should get off their “Racist” soapbox,…and get with the real world,.where people of all colors get along in harmony.

    “Earl”,…..its you, and people like “You” that continue to rant about Racism,…point the finger, and call people names, that prevent everyone of all colors to get along.

    Only when “YOU” stop that kind of Racial Retoric, and start taking responcibilty for your own life, and your own actions, can you ever hope to be accecpted in society, by people of color, and other races.

    Going around preaching the gospel of “HATE”, makes you look bad in everyones eyes.

    Thats why decent people, regardless of color, dislike you,….people like you,…. and what you stand for, because its way past time to put that kind of bullshyt behind you,…..the only person holding you back, is the person that looks back at you in the mirror.

  • Brittany Sease

    First of all if a dog barks at me or even looks like he is about to attack me I am going to f- him up before he gets me. That man did what he felt he had to do, and i don’t judge because i wasn’t in his shoes. I’m going by what he said and the owner said that the dog did not like him. Helllloooo! The dog is probably just vicious as all German shepherds are. I don’t blame the man for protecting himself.

  • Paul Wall

    “Racist” dog? There has been ONE case like that I ever heard of but this guy is a damned idiot loser. How many slurs did the dog shout at people? Did the dog dump on Black people’s lawns? Was the dog a Tea Bag Party member? Dogs are not racist but they pick up on what their owners don’t like and if you go out of your way to torment a dog, you deserve a chewing-on.

  • Eric G

    To comment on this some of you ppl’z coments is kinda ignorant Dogs are animals but they should not be treated like that poor Dog…Damn now think about this idiot that did it he is retarted and you are too if you believe the Dog deserved that treatment HELLO WAKE UP DOGS CANT BE RACIST IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mona

    im black, im not going to say my dog racist .When people come in the house he barks but other than black he get real stupid, but once they show him some love he is ok and they cant get rid of him

  • Proud to NOT be an American

    Personally I find so much of America so damned ignorant. This is so typical of uneducated, ignornant society.

    Too bad that animals suffer because of human stupidity, and the US is chock-a-block full

  • Ann

    Some of y’all are too stupid.

    While dogs do possess emotions, they are not as complex as human’s. Dogs do however feel the emotions coming from humans. They feel them as an energy radiating from our bodies. The dog knows if you are sad, nervous, stressed, happy, calm, strong minded, confident, passive, anxious, hyper, or meek etc.

    In other words, Andrew Owens (the owner) is racist towards non whites and the Jenna (the dog) felt it and reacted negatively towards non whites. Jenna was just trying to protect her human, so the dog really is not racist.

  • Ann

    Correction: I meant Paul Tacco (owner) not Andrew Owens.

  • Just_Sayn

    The dog deserved what it got,the owner owned up to knowing the dog didn’t like minorities,he’s not racist,we all know racist people try to deny any racism,he admitted his dog was,he didn’t teach the dog to be that way.It was already in him. People act like “oh i can’t believe this or that”,the way the world is today nothing surprises me,thats way it doesn’t suprise me that a dog can be racist.

  • Sunny8663

    Something to consider – animals including dogs can pick up on the emotions and body language of their owners. If this dogs owner stiffened up or gave other negative body language when non whites were around then the dog could have picked up on it and learned to fear non whites. Also other commentors are right. If the man knew the dog either didn’t like him or was afraid of him then he shouldn’t have been anywhere near him.

  • @ Proud to NOT be an American

    The owner was not racist. The dog is not racist. Owens is racist, plain and simple. He thought that since the dog bit him, and barked at people considered to be “minorities”, he thought he’d get back at her by her taking her right eye. Of course that doesn’t solve anything and Owens just made matters a lot worse.

    And by you saying you’re Proud to NOT be an American, that shows your ignorance as well; therefore, your input doesn’t count. It may be be only in math where two negatives make a positive, but in reality two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • sean

    lmao. some cuts my dog I’ll show em racist. I’m the proud owner of a 75lb apbt, a sawn of, glock 40 and a concealed carry permit. Come get some monkey.

  • BikerBiker

    This man, obviously has mental problems,….

    Prison,..or a Nut House, would be the best place for him, no need to add insult to injury, then someone lose their Gun permit, or go to jail because of his problems.