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Update: Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Rihanna Tour


“Barbz I’m sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi’s tour…”

Just days after an announcement was made that Nicki Minaj would be hitting the road for a tour with Rihanna, those plans have officially been scrapped.

As previously reported, Minaj was scheduled to hit the road July 2 with Rihanna and pop singer Ke$ha for a 25 date tour.

Now however Nicki says she will not be touring with the two because “she wants to focus on her new album.”

Nicki made the announcement on Twitter to her disappointed fans saying,

“Barbz I’m sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi’s tour. I’ve decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand.”

No word on the real reason why she pulled out.
Something about that statement just doesn’t add up……

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  • indaknow

    You know why. It’s because everybody in the entire music industry knows that Rihanna worships the devil. gothic make up, throwing up devil horns, singing songs that promote death, and performing them in front of children. I wouldn’t go on tour with that little devil worshiper either.

    I’m just wondering when will you journalist of these site stop supporting people like this on your websites?

  • myspace.com/rlstfree@yahoo.com

    i hate this but i wasnt going to go but i hate i wanna see beyonce in concert before i go to see some like a rihanna

  • myspace.com/mr_beyonce

    but go nicki

  • Ridingfinest

    So why don’t the other cancel the rest of the tour…….I think all three are over rated especially Nicki person. OMG is this what we are calling music today. I’m glad Monica is back, I wish Brandy would drop something new…oh I can’t wait for Keisha Cole to drop a new album.

  • meka

    Damn!I would of pulled out too!her album is important!she will have plenty of tours to go on in the very near future.

  • jaz

    Nikki minaj keep it up…ur lyrics r sick do wat u gotta do

  • Jessica Wabbit

    BOO! She’s lying, it was probably about money.

    Think you’re too big for a Rihanna tour Nicki???

    NOPE…sorry, you’re wrong!

  • RhiRhi

    No it’s not because she thinks she is too big for Rhianna’s tour, it’s because she finally realize that Rhianna and her team were using her to help promote and sell concert tickets for this tour. Ke$shia will be next.

  • ME



  • bluekid

    None of Rihanna tours are on the event calendar of the arenas she is to perform at because she is know not to show up. Know one is taking her tour serious not even her team, so her fans need to wait and see and take one day at a time.

  • She pull got cuz she know her whack azz was gonna get booed off the stage@

  • lilCOUNTRYgirl785

    I don’t see why that doesn’t add up. I haven’t heard of any Nicki and Rihanna remixes(and if they have one the streets aren’t talking so it must be trash) and Nicki just has one single out! What is she gonna really perform??? The few bars she has on Young Money tracks? She says that she loves her fans and if so she owes them an album already its a new year and she’s been the buzz for the last year or so now. @Rhi Rhi…I could believe that one too, as far as Ke$ha pulling out I doubt it. She isn’t big enough yet and she has had some controversy because statements she has made on other artists. Anyway if that is true right now Ke$sha need Rihanna and Rihanna(becuz of all this devil stuff) needs Nicki Minaj!!!

  • Whut-Eva

    Rihanna NEEDS her to be on that tour and may be the $$ is not adding up…i say they will scratch the whole show..rihanna will be performing @ your next county fair

  • chris

    dats mi nigguh nikki nobody betta den her

  • chocolate

    nikki minage is on a whole different level from the music that keisha&rihanna are singing!

  • neecie

    first of all, whoever is hating on Nicki, get the f*** on! Nicki is the best female rapper out there since the 90s and you guys know this. Trina & the rest of them alright. But nicki is headstrong & her flow is on another level. The way she raps is HER SWAG so get off of it! She deserves to pull out the concert.! Maybe she is tired of hearing people on thei nternet say s*** like when is she going to stop being featured on people’s songs and putting out mixtapes! So it is her time & I believe she will succeed!!!! So hop up off of her & let her shine & stop trying to bring her down!! What are you doing with your life instead of downing someone else??? At least she’s on her grind… SO YA’LL JUST GET THERE!!!!

  • superwise

    Why do people make a big deal about who is doing what? One thing about, don’t none of you get paid or lose money because of the decisions any of the artists make. I think people are too wrapped on what everyone else is doing. Mind your own d*** business and maybe you could be as successful or even more successful than the “famous” people that you worship.