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Jay-Z To Help Oprah Launch New Network


I didn’t even think about it. I just said yes.”

When Oprah calls, you will come; at least that’s what Shawn Carter thinks.

Jay-Z is confirming that he’s stepped in to help the queen of daytime talk move past her longstanding talk show to launch her “OWN” television network.

OWN which stands for Oprah Winfrey Network is a joint venture between Harpo Inc. and The Discovery Network scheduled to launch January 1.

Jay is scheduled to appear on the network for Winfrey’s new show relaying the life of some of America’s biggest influential figures.

According to The Wall Street Journal that show is titled “Master Class.”

Along with Jigga, “Master Class” will feature Condoleeza Rice as they tell their life stories and lessons to the viewing audience.

Jay says he didn’t think twice about agreeing to the show and he tells the Wall Street Journal that he immediately accepted her offer.

“I didn’t even think about it. I just said yes.”

Along with the rapper and the political figure, the WSJ reports that Lady Gaga and director James Cameron are set to be featured on another of Oprah’s  shows, “Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind.”

The new shows are part of more than a dozen new programs OWN plans on launching.

Oprah is also said to be announcing plans to host an evening talk show titled “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

“Next Chapter” will feature the media mogul as she travels across the globe for intimate conversations.

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  • Jasmyne

    This is some fagginackle bull! O has fallen off…—>NEXT!!!

  • Yolanda

    I’m not sure why Jasmyne says this is some bull. We should be happy for Oprah and her success, and that she is striking out on her own to create her OWN network. I am so tired of people hating for no good reason.

  • Go JAy!!!… )))drinkin quater waters..gotta be the best!!

  • D. Phil

    I’m wit ya Yolanda, hatin for no reason. And jay-z is my fav artist so I think that cat needs a reminder of who Oprah iz

  • Interlude

    Her life just lined up perfectly with her name Oprah Winfrey Networks (OWN). Christ just maped her life out perfectly and sweet. She is truely blessed. As for Jay-Z, we already knew he didn’t think. He do anything. I would not do anything for Oprah after she put down the hip-hop community. Oh, she only deals with the sell-outs.

  • Vee vee

    I don’t like the fact Oprah is having any dealings with Jay-Z.
    Jay-Hova [Jehovah???] who thinks of himself as God. Everyone who works with him either loses their career–or dies. He’s not even a good rapper. I’ve never really liked him, not even when he first hit the scene.

  • Go jay thats how a best rapper iz suposd to b lvn

  • Me

    @ vee u don hav to luv j, u jus hav to respect how he bakes tha cake