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Obamas To Appear On American Idol


The First family is making an appearance on an upcoming episode of American Idol.

President Obama and the First Lady taped a portion of the program Wednesday for Idol’s annual “Idol Gives Back” program.

“Idol Gives Back” is a two hour charitable event that has already raised more than $140 million for global charities.

The Obama’s edition of Idol will air April 21 at 8 p.m.

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  • Pissed off

    Awesome!!! I am so happy the Obama’s can find time to chop it up on (this season’s American Idol). Now, if I think back I can see what happend with healthcare, illegal immigrants flooding this country, and of course the automatic citizenship he already promised to them, and don’t forget the lie about job creation. Did you know that mexicans will be the new white? So we, as a people, have suffered for equality only to be superceded by immigrants who force themselves and their children in our society. I went to the cell phone place to pay a phone bill in the USA, and all the signs and brochures where in spanish. Mind you the area is mostly black and white. It is a problem that will naturally come to ahead. So, will the Obamas are chopping it up on Idol we as a people brace ourselves for fines, imprisonment, martial law, forced healthcare requirements and a bunch of new neighbors who don’t speak OUR language, and are forcefully trying to make the English language spanish. SMH at progress. Yea, I went of on a tirade, but my vote for Obama was a bad read. I feel like I have been hoodwinked by a pimp. He sold it and I fell in line. I WILL NEVER vote again.

    • tee

      I think it is good that him and the first lady took time out of their busy schedules to go on american idol, I think voting for him was right too, He is doing the best he can do with all that bush has messed up, and him fixing america isnt going to be over nite its going to take time, its happening slowly, but its people like you racist in every way nobody held a gun to your head and made you vote for him you did that on your own, so stop putting down the man cause hes black and give him a chance to do what he said he was going to do, if that was bush that went on idol you wouldnt have had nothing to say, so sit back and relax you voted for him for a reason and that was your own doing, so give him a chance to make good on his promises he said out his own mouth if you was listening when he was campigning that it wont happen overnite, but it will happen. So stop putting him down, he only one man fixing a big mess, if you want to put somebody down look in the mirror? And let us know who you see

  • D. Phil

    Personally I think it’s good that Obama is appearing to be the peoples person like guesting on American Idol and filling out brackets on ESPN / I’m just afraid that it will backfire when these haters start saying that there are more important issues he needs to be tending to.

  • marvylyn

    This is really a great Idea and i Love it.

  • steven paul

    President Obama is a God-sent,he is a normal human but special and well-gifted,he see himself as oneness with white,black,orientals,and yellows,how we wish God would have sent such a special man to us,we are longing for such type,I hope God will one day hear our prayer,Americans,you dont know the value of what God has done for you,its really Gods own country.