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Photo: Andy Mineo

Hip-Hop Wired: Many got hip to you after you appeared on MTV RapFix in December. How did that appearance come about?

Andy Mineo: The day of the RapFix thing, I was asked to be on it last minute — just a couple hours before they did it. There was a lot of nerves and a lot of [saying] ‘Oh man, I don’t know if I’m prepared.'” Plus, I’d never been on MTV before. Then I found out I’d be performing in front of Sway — I grew up listening to Sway and Tech in the morning and definitely looked up to dude.

It was definitely an honor to do it and I just came with whatever I had. I tried to write some rhymes that day and just tried to be as prepared as I could. You saw what happened. I did my thing and people enjoyed it. And it created more opportunities for me to come back and speak with Sway again to open up my fan base a little. That’s the goal.

HHW: What was the inspiration behind Never Land?

Andy Mineo: Never Land is my first EP and we wanted to give fans something to hold them over until the next album, because my album (Heroes for Sale) had just come out eight months prior. I’m kind of a ball of creativity and energy, so I didn’t want to sit around and wait any longer to drop new music. And I love giving the fans cool stuff.

Never Land, I wanted to name the project that because that was my favorite story growing up, which was Peter Pan and “Neverland” was the place where Peter Pan went whenever he had happy thoughts… whenever he got connected with his childhood. The other concept behind Neverland is just that I want to elevate people’s thinking, people’s living to kind of get them off the ground. Like never land.

HHW: You integrated a visual component to this project. How did you approach doing that?

Andy Mineo: I created Never Land and we did the Saturday Morning Cartoons webisodes series to accompany the project. You can head to AndyMineo.com to watch. Every week I came out with a new episode of the behind the scenes of the creative process of making Neverland. I let the fans get a visual to see the whole process as I was creating the project, which I thought created another unique and fun experience for the fans.

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