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EXCLUSIVE: Sonaro – The Beatsmith Behind “Cuffin Season”



HHW: How did your relationship with Stack develop?

Sonaro: When I noticed things were [going] so well for him, I took a step back  and played the role of the music guy, ya know? I’d recruit producers and get music for him, and then [that] just started busting my brains to produce music my damn self. I’d have all these ideas, but not know how to put it together exactly. Then I got introduced to a program, which still didn’t mean anything ‘til I got around Needlz.

HHW: What was that like?

Sonaro: I was an in-house writer for Needlz, did hooks for him and for Stack – unreleased stuff. Being around Needlz and seeing how he was stretching those sounds around, really just inspired me.

HHW: Speaking of unreleased material, I hear that there is a posthumous album in the works…

Sonaro: Vibe was reaching.

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