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EXCLUSIVE: Sonaro – The Beatsmith Behind “Cuffin Season”


So no?

Sonaro: I mean… yea. We’re working on something.  But I don’t think Stack and I have anything official. Unless I succeed at I what I’m doing. Because when he passed, so many budgets were offered, and so many labels were interested, but it took so long that everybody left the building on the Stack project. So I just feel like if I become successful at what I’m doing, Stack will have exactly what he wants.

HHW: Describe your relationship with Fabolous.

Sonaro: That’s my family. He watched me since I was young and I watched him walk into the game and go from Sport to Fab; from being outside and listening to the Monday Night Mixtape to listening to his freestyles on the radio, rapping against N.O.R.E., and shit.

It was fun listening to Monday Night Mixtape. You know how you girls have your shows on Monday nights? That was our show.  And sometimes, I be buggin’ Clue about that, like ‘yo, you gotta bring Monday Night Mixtape back.’ He just be ignoring me.

HHW: Has Fab helped cultivate you as a producer?

Sonaro: He’s always been there. I used to send him beats and he’d take the time out to tell me if he liked something, or if he didn’t. But if he said he liked something, it never meant he’d use it. My beats were mediocre then, I was still learning. We all laugh about the beats I used to send [laugh]. I can honestly say he was there when I needed him, when I wasn’t important to his situation.

Hip-Hop Wired: How did Stack’s death affect you?

Sonaro: After Stack died, I went into a dark corner… then I sat myself down and thought about my options, what I really wanted to do with my life. So I just started going hard at beats and that’s how “Body Ya” came about.

HHW: Right. That was your first piece of commercial success. How did that feel? What was your reaction?

Sonaro: I was still working! I still got up, went to work, I didn’t tell nobody that I had a record on the radio.

HHW: What? You didn’t tell your moms?

Sonaro: Yea, she knew. But anybody I worked with? Nah. I kept it private. I was on some real Superman shit.

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