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HHW: You mentioned your beats were mediocre before. Would you say you’ve mastered your craft?

Sonaro: Before Stack passed, he always said master one thing and then go to the next and that’s exactly what I did.

HHW: You sang the hook to “Cuffin’ Season” and you were in the video. What was that like?

Sonaro: He [Fabolous] had to talk me into doing it. I wasn’t ready for it.

HHW: Really?

Sonaro: Yea. He had to talk me into doing it. When he texted me and started saying ‘people are going to start expecting you to look a certain way’ I was like ‘damn.’ He began to explain to me that the TV fame is different from the rest – you gotta live up to some type of lifestyle. I ain’t ready for that. You need money for that shit [laughs].

HHW: But I respect the fact that you sang your hook and that Fab had you in the video. That’s dope.

Sonaro: Yea man. That’s not even a mastered recording. That’s the reference that I sent.

HHW: Wow.

Sonaro: It was never re-recorded.

HHW: Do you see yourself doing the whole Drake thing, sing/rap, or just come from behind the scenes?

Sonaro: My friends are trying to get me to put out a record, but I don’t want to. Right now, I don’t want to overwhelm the following that I have. I want to continue to make beats. If I get lucky with another hook, I get lucky, but I’m not coming out with a mixtape.

Look at Swizz. Swizz didn’t rap right away. He did so many records before he started rapping. He waited a long time to start rapping. That’s the smart way to go. Let people get used to your voice first.

HHW: It just goes back to what Stacks was telling you. You have to master one craft before moving on to the next.

Sonaro: Exactly.

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