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Tyler, The Creator Wreaks Havoc At BuzzFeed Offices [PHOTOS]


Tyler, The Creator is as unpredictable as he’s extremely talented. Some call him highly spirited due to his antics, but let workers at BuzzFeed’s offices in New York City’s Flatiron district, he’s a nuisance or worst.

Apparently, the web property invited the rapper and Odd Future into their office, as they often do with celebrities. But what happened next was extraordinary; take that as you will. According to tweets, Tyler participated in all sorts of NSFW activity, including screaming the n-word with no regard. He was also reportedly wearing a sombrero at the time.

Then again, what do you expect from a guy who said this? At this point, we should know that Tyler, The Creator moves to the beat of his own drum and he’s a Beetlejuice status when it comes to inviting him to places where candor is needed.

See proof in the Twitter recap from BuzzFeed’s staff after the jump.

Photo: Instagram

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  • IJS

    Might need Ritalin…fr.

  • What the fyck does this ADD negra do? You see how the put most mental ill submissive black people in power/entertainment. Ridiculous.

    • Rose

      Are you serious? First of all, he’s a rapper & producer. If you hear him speak, you can actually tell he’s really intelligent. You wouldn’t know what, however, because you’re just quick to assume he’s “mentally ill.” He’s a lot smarter than he lets on. What does your mentally fit, self-important axx do?

      • Negra are you serious? Do you see a ? anywhere in my comment? Stop riding some negras dycks that don’t give two fycks about where you been.

      • Rose

        Yes, actually, you know, AFTER YOUR FIRST SENTENCE. You have an attitude problem & you need to solve it. I’m “riding” because I’m stating facts? Get over yourself. I don’t need him to care about me haha I’m good with or without his attention. Lastly, sweetie, good job avoiding MY question. You’re nothing & nobody but an Internet troll who needs to inset her unnecessary thoughts, feelings, & opinions where they don’t belong. Have a seat with your wannabe important self.

  • GolfWang

    Lmmmmfao I love him <3