Damon Richardson

Tyler, The Creator Wreaks Havoc At BuzzFeed Offices [PHOTOS]



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  • IJS

    Might need Ritalin…fr.

  • What the fyck does this ADD negra do? You see how the put most mental ill submissive black people in power/entertainment. Ridiculous.

    • Rose

      Are you serious? First of all, he’s a rapper & producer. If you hear him speak, you can actually tell he’s really intelligent. You wouldn’t know what, however, because you’re just quick to assume he’s “mentally ill.” He’s a lot smarter than he lets on. What does your mentally fit, self-important axx do?

      • Negra are you serious? Do you see a ? anywhere in my comment? Stop riding some negras dycks that don’t give two fycks about where you been.

      • Rose

        Yes, actually, you know, AFTER YOUR FIRST SENTENCE. You have an attitude problem & you need to solve it. I’m “riding” because I’m stating facts? Get over yourself. I don’t need him to care about me haha I’m good with or without his attention. Lastly, sweetie, good job avoiding MY question. You’re nothing & nobody but an Internet troll who needs to inset her unnecessary thoughts, feelings, & opinions where they don’t belong. Have a seat with your wannabe important self.

  • GolfWang

    Lmmmmfao I love him <3