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Georgia High School Seniors Make “N-Word We Made It” Signs [PHOTO]


Drake‘s track “We Made It (Freestyle)” made quite the mark, and features one of the most memorable hooks in recent times. A group of Georgia high school seniors, however, made some questionable leaps in logic by using the hook complete with the “n-word” in fashioning signs celebrating their upcoming graduation.

South Forsyth High School students made the signs as part of its “Senior Week” celebration, with a huge sign draped on the side of the Forsyth County school.

The sign read “N***a We Made It #2K14” and the slogan was repeated on windows throughout the school, spread through social media, and also on student vehicles. South Forsyth school officials issued a statement, which was shared in a report from MyFoxAtlanta.com.

More from MyFoxAtlanta.com:

“South Forsyth High School Parents: This morning, without our knowledge, students placed a derogatory sign with a verse from a song by Drake on our school as a senior prank. We removed it as soon as it was brought to our attention and deeply apologize for their behavior. This is unacceptable and I promise you that the students will receive the appropriate consequences for their actions.”

According to the recent demographics, Forsyth County is 95 percent white which makes it a good chance that the school shares similar numbers. Apparently the “N***a We Made It” theme is big in the South with the kids as a school in predominantly-white Fayette County, also in the same state, had students put up a relating sign and slogan.

Sort of hard to believe that nobody told these kids beforehand that it was a bad idea, though.

Hit the jump to see the unedited version of the “N***a We Made It #2K14” sign.

Photo: Twitter/@amirwaller

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  • Avira19

    Right, since the media can’t do it, how about we set the record straight here.

    Truth is: The students being white had zilch to do with it, so you can stop narrowing it down to that right about now. I go to that school. This wasn’t a race thing, not in the least. The people who were actually concerned about that word being on the sign (myself included) were in the minority, because for the most part, absolutely no one cared. And I think it’s completely screwy the way the senior prank was narrowed down to this. Standardized tests were taking place at the same time all this occurred, something I believe is far worse than a few morons painting that word on a sign for all to see. There has been no mention of everything else they did today, either. The most controversial prank was picked out for the sake of attention.

    My point is, get past it. The word wasn’t being used in a derogatory way. When it is, that’s something to make a fuss about. ​

  • Beth

    Please get your facts straight, we now know, from cameras at the school, that it was not any of the white Seniors that put up the sign. This has been blow up by whoever Amir Waller(if that’s his name) is, sending to every media he could think of and also to black celebrities. What is he trying to do?? #troublemaker #wantsattention #shameonhim #bully
    Some of the kids involved may not graduate now, is that what he wanted? And, no they should not have put that sign up but they are kids!

  • Blac Luv

    I am black and i think its funny

  • John

    This article has no idea what it’s talking about. This sign was made by two Latinos and an African American. Also our school is 30+% non-Caucasian which is apparent by our high achieving senior class. This was made by 3 people non represented of the diverse and highly accepting high school that is south Forsyth. Get your facts straight before you ruin our reputation as being one of the best schools in the United States (ranked 135th by Washington post)