Trent Clark

Black Twitter Reacts To Zoe Saldana’s Nina Simone Pic With #BlackBiopics Topic [PHOTOS]



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  • ♚A. R.♚(♫Eddie King JR.♫)

    Worst fvcking casting job ever not even Nina Simone’s on people want her portraying her are there dark skinned black actresses out there?

    • Trent Clark


  • Jrod713

    But then when they try to cast someone like Will Smith for a part like Captain America and people complain, black folks run to the defense saying “why not?”. We can’t have it both ways.

    • But….

      That’s a fictional character.

    • Gemini12

      Apples & oranges. This is a biopic, not an adaption of a comic book smh.

      • newdnewd

        Thank you, people don’t understand the difference.

      • Gemini12

        Right? Or they do and are hoping we are dumb enough to fall for their nonsense

      • jane doee


      • Gemini12

        You obviously failed to comprehend what I wrote smh. I suggest you read Jrod’s comment, then reread mine, if that still doesn’t help, perhaps a dose of your own advice would remedy the situation. ✋

    • Mars Sirius

      You are an idiot for real..look up fiction vs. nonfiction…an tell us what you come up with.
      Besides all of the whyte mans super hero’s are plagiarized from black hero’s..learn the will educate you…that way you want sound silly.

      • Jrod713

        It’s “heroes”, not “hero’s” and “won’t” not “want”. How about you keep idiot to yourself and leave the educating tips to the educated.

      • Mars Sirius

        You’re still an idiot!!! The auto correct on the computer change the wording as you click the send button dummy. It still doesn’t change the fact you’re a dummy

    • incognegro

      Captain America is a fictional character, The late Great Nina Simone is a LEGEND, she was a very PROUD black woman, and civil rights Activist, this Bio pic is insulting, and disrespectful this movie goes against everything Nina stood for, Google the letter Nina Simone daughter,and family wrote to the World press discouraging Nina Simone fans to NOT support this contrived Bio pic about her mother.

  • tarrilove

    Zoe looking like she doing the wrong singer. She think its Erykah Badu bio. Y’all know this mulatto chick don’t care about black folks. But just like Taye Diggs, Terrance Howard, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese, they will gladly take y’all money at the box office.

    • Anthony Tinney

      “They will gladly take y`all money at the box office”.You mean just like the koreans and the indians,take black women`s money for dead d.n.a?

      • tarrilove

        Awwh, you becky slayer are you mad or nah? Also I have natural hair, I been natural for 5 years thank you. Bloop ( Nene voice)

      • Anthony Tinney

        Wow,the white woman defense.Well since you wanna go there,bw are the only race of women that spend “BILLIONS” to NOT look like themselves,then complain when the world points out your obvious self-hatred.Now take your natural self(and your hatred of “beckey`s” and Bloop that.

      • incognegro

        LIE, it’s truly sad when a ignorant Racist person put a Whole RACE of women in one category, The women I know white, black,and Asian have all worn wigs,or a Weave, but I’m going to give you some Knowledge, there is a population of Sistas who will absolutely NOT wear wigs, or weaves, because of personal beliefs, or Islamic beliefs some Sistas think you should never put someone human her on your head, because that person may have a unsettling spirit, but personally don’t care what you have on top of your head if you can tell me something I have yet to LEARN, Google kinky Chick’s.

      • Anthony Tinney

        Please explain where i lied?

    • JoeYardie

      didnt know tyres dated out? doesnt he have a black ex wife and a black kid

      • tarrilove

        No she’s a mullato. He only dates mullatos. Never black women. Iwas gonna put Idris on the list but he gets a pass because he like big girls and has dated brown skinned women before. Even though both baby moms one is current wife were mullatos.

      • I don’t understand the hate

        That’s what you take it as, as a secure black woman i feel everyone deserves loves regardless of skin tone and if that’s where these men found love or even a sexual situation that’s their business and doesn’t represent how I feel or carry about myself nor determine my value. The man for me won’t be caught up in something as superficial as my skintone

      • JoeYardie

        ok. but there is alot of “famous” brothers that date black women but does not get highlighted.

  • DC’sFinest

    should’ve been India Arie

  • Renee

    Fabricator and Director Cynthia Mort is suing the production company. Karma is a helluva b*****. The movie is trash and no one is going to see a movie based off lies starring a woman in blackface. Bish BYE!

  • Guest

    Well this goes to show they think we all look alike…smh.

  • Ascuncion

    Why does she insist on playing African American roles when they don’t even like her and object to her playing them. Also, Zoe is not a Mulatto, not with those looks.

  • ChocolateHunnyB

    One thing for sure she had better not get the role playing Eartha Kitt that would be the biggest insult on film. I am really sick of her playing African American icons we have our own actresses to do that we don’t need Zoe. Plus, she would have to wear light-face makeup and a smaller nose to look even a little like the great Ms. Kitt.

  • newdnewd

    This is a disrespect to Nina’s legacy, she was proud of her brown skin and it doesnt take a super fan to know that she would more than likely not want this to happen. ON top of looking nothing like Nina I don’t see the superlative acting skills that she possesses to even make people look passed the obvious physical differences between her and Nina.

  • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

    I love Mrs Nina Simone “ain’t it a pity” how perfect would Lauryn Hill be as Nina Simone just my opinion.

  • JoeYardie

    she looks nothing like nina… its like white people trying to make it seem like cleopatra was white while in fact she was black

  • icebull

    Damn shame Zoe quick to tell you she is not black but sure will take a black roll in a minute and STFU about it until its out then she goes back to not being black.

    • Illeana

      Hi icebull, just wondering when Zoe said she was not black? I don’t keep up with all the interviews so I don’t know… If true, it would be very interesting because Zoe Saldana is definitely black regardless of her ethnicity.

  • paganalexandira

    This is the only thing that trumps Lindsey Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    I love Zoe and all….but they could have gotten a better actress to fit the role….

  • Anthony Tinney

    “STRUCK NERVE”!!!!!!