Steve Harvey Hit With $2 Million Tax Lien From The IRS


Seems like funnyman Steve Harvey has an issue with the IRS that’s no laughing matter.  The IRS filed a $2,159,204 lien against his company Wonder Love, Inc.

Harvey’s lawyer Ricky Anderson says the comedian was unaware of the lien and stated,

“He’s certainly unable to give any comment. He’s got competent tax counsel in Chicago that handles all of his tax affairs.”

Harvey himself commented to Black Voices stating,

“Even though I’m not allowed to say anything concerning this tax matter…my lawyers are addressing any and all matters, with the attention that this matter deserves.

My foundation work is my mission toward securing a brighter future for the young men in our communities…and with God’s help that work will succeed.

I want to thank the well-wishers and fans for their support, and rest assured this is being handled professionally.”

As previously reported, Steve Harvey also recently struck a deal with BET to air his “Steve Harvey Show” on the network’s new sister station Centric.  Set to air later this year, Steve will offer relationship advice on the show and interview other entertainers and celebrities.

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    When you are making a lot of money, you need to be hands on just what is being paid and not let other people handle your business.

  • bikerbiker

    by BETTY ; “When you are making a lot of money, you need to be hands on just what is being paid and not let other people handle your business.”

    Betty, when you make the kind of money this man makes, its only common sense to hire a CPA Tax Lawyer and have them handle your legal matter, and keep your records straight.

    Clearly this did not happen,..where as the people hired did NOT do their job properly, and hopefully Steve Harvey can have a good chance of coming out of this mess without btarnishing his name.

  • boughetto!

    Karma baby, karma baby……….

  • Laff Ter

    He should sell his ole toupee on ebay, to raise some tax money

  • DM

    Karma is true.

    I bet Tom Joyner is laughing his rear off about this.

  • Kimi

    What happen with Tom Joyner?

  • kimster

    Ante up Steve and pay the tax man…and while you’re at it go on and reach an out of court settlement with your ex-wife. Maybe when you do right by her…everything will fall back into place.


    This is NOT Mr. Harvey’s 1st encounter with “Uncle” . Before the IRS places a lien of this value ,there has been lots of correspondence with Mr. Harvey and or his attorneys. The IRS may question your foundation filing due to inadequate record keeping or questionable expenses. Competent tax counsel knows how the keep the IRS from making a public mockery of your million dollar house living, bentley driving, private plane riding butt. Handle your business and fire some asses.

  • Why is it that celebrities are always trying to get away without paying taxes? Tax laws apply to everyone, not just us Joes. Steve, pay up or the IRS will put a lien on you!

    P.S. Hire a good taxman or attorney. Remember what happened to Wesley Snipes?

  • Dena Roberts

    Obviously none of you have researched the IRS Steve Harvey issue. If your going to comment, know your facts. His CPA of 7 years died, and through investigating his non-payment of returns. They found all his signed returns with his checks attached in the CPA’s office, all of which his CPA did not mail. Before lashing out with CHILD LIKE remarks and kick someone down that has hit rock bottom before and has more cash than you’ll ever see, get some education. Maybe then you’ll be able to state an informative educational opinion.