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7. Waka Flocka “Flames” Lil’Capp

Summary: The Piru blood gang ain’t nothing to play with: during a show that the Brick Squad general put on in Montgomery, Alabama, a group of the ill-reputed gang members let former Brick Squad artist Lil’Capp know that they were there on behalf of the “Rooster in my Rari” rapper. Waka and Capp had been beefing for a while now, thanks to the latter suing the former for the royalties from the hit song, “O Let Do It,” but on this night, Waka took the feud to a whole new level.

Winner: It’s a draw. On one hand, disloyalty is definitely an offense punishable by this sort of beatdown (Author’s Note: I’m Sicilian; we invented the word vendetta…), and Capp is nothing if not disloyal. On the other hand, this doesn’t help Waka’s case in any court of law — not to mention, at well over 6 feet and well over 300 lbs., a fight against Waka is an unfair fight unless you’re Andre the Giant.

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