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High School Football Star Going To Jail For Pulling Gun On A Cop


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  • Ayisha

    I swear black men do not think or care about their future at all. So sad


      I know many that do.

    • ysit

      Ryan leafe.heard of him??-

      • Ayisha

        What does one white retired Quarterback have to do with this young black man on this BLACK blog? Let’s stay on topic white people I don’t care about black people I do. We don’t need anymore of them ruining their careers by going to jail


    That’s actually not bad granted not only is he black but he fought and pulled a gun on a cop…I guess florida had enough problems

  • silhouetteblack

    In 10 years from now when this man is in and out of prison wondering where he went wrong in life, he is going to remember this moment. That scholarship is gone. Next time I hope he thinks 4 times before reacting. He set himself up for failure.

  • ysit

    Harris county sheriff’s would have killed him..