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50 Cent No Show At Son’s High School Graduation


A huge milestone for any teen is high school graduation, and significant others (read: parents) are usually there to support their children during such a milestone. However, 50 Cent didn’t make it to see his son’s receive his high school diploma.

Ferrari’s 16-year-old seed made sure to put his dad being AWOL on blast.

Reports The Smoking Section:

50 Cent must’ve been too busy gossiping and creating funny Instagram videos because the rapper was a no-show at his 16-year-old son’s graduation over the weekend.

Marquise Jackson graduated high school on Saturday and took to Facebook to share his frustration over his famous father being MIA. Along with a picture of him crying into his mother’s arms over Fif’s no-show…

To be fair, we still gotta hear both sides.

Read the full story, and see pictures from graduation, over at The Smoking Section.

UPDATE: It appears that something is fishy going on with the Facebook profiles of Marquise Jackson. A user over at The Coli says that the postings made at this page by 50’s son was from a fake account. However, other Coli users have determined that the page is the official account versus this one.

Photo: Facebook

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  • ernest

    lol yall motherfuckers are stupid lol.. you cant even figure out this was a fake photoshop ?

  • Marquise Jackson, should have thought about all the things he said to his Dad before his Graduation! He has spent his Dad’s Money over the years and have tried to be the Spokesperson for his Mom against his Dad and over the years his Dad Has Come To The Point Where He Realizes That He Really Don’t Have A Son! I’m with 50 on This One! Children Have got to understand That Parents are People Too ~

      • DontReplIWontRead

        I didn’t even know graduations happen at sixteen

      • First off I’m No Fan. Like You I have my own opinion. By the way My Son has Completed 4 Years in the Army and 3 in University and has his eye on two Law Schools. I support him and I Love Him. But, as I said “I’m with 50 on This One! Children Have got to understand That Parents are People Too ~” My Right to My Opinion! By The Way since you have soo much to say about how to rise Children. How about you go Stop the Killings, Drug Deals, Gangs and other problems within the African-American Community. I Do

      • I didn’t ask for your family story so save it for the next person. How can I stop the “Killings, Drug Deals, Gangs and other problems within the African-American Community” when it’s based on economics? Poverty equals violence and when you preach about Jesus to these kids it wont stop it, BISHOP.

    • brianwill

      Which on is the kid? You don’t put your kds down for something as silly as that. His dad’s money IS his money. You don’t support your kids as a favor to them or nor is it conditional. Kids have a RIGHT to that..