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20 Twitter Reactions To Michael Jackson’s Billboard Music Awards 2014 Performance


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Photo: Twitter

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  • Shilee

    lmao @ 3

  • Morgan Williams

    lmfao @ 12

  • abirdisabird

    That was creepy. The Tupac hologram gave me nightmares

  • S Jo

    I love these holograms! Genius idea to whomever created these life like performances for dead!

  • True Fan

    Very disappointing. Did not look like the real MJ at all. The face was not even close. Didn’t dance with natural expertise of Michael either. I would rather have seen footage of the real MJ. Love Xscape album tho!

  • True Fan

    LA Reid, you can do better! How about actual footage of MJ with his mouth computerized carefully and professionally to say the words of the new song? You know the way they do the talking babies, but better!

  • only hologram I wanna see is JEM

    • memory lane

      Yep telling our age. Loved that show.

      • Alek

        Ain’t that the truth!!!! Lol just putting our age on blast…but I have to agree #team~ Jem and Synergy 🙂

      • I’m 33 I’m not ashamed lol

    • Alek

      Lol, now that’s funny …yet I must agree

    • Felicia

      What in the hell is that? It’s so old until I don’t want to know!

      • Google and Netflix are your friend. Thank me later

    • Starrr

      Truly outrageous. …

      Truly, truly, truly outrageous!

      Love it!!!!

      • Sunshinegirl

        You know I just sang that as I read it! LOL!

      • Starrr

        I sang it as I typed it…LOL!

        That was the ish back in the day.

    • Sunshinegirl

      LOL!!! I loved that show!

  • freebee

    lol sure can whats the word for today?? It was creative I liked it.

  • LucySkyDiamond

    Let the dead stay dead

    • Merl Nicholas

      Thank you!! SMH

  • roxy

    i was very scared

  • Chanel

    I thought that was one of the best performances of the night…there were some flaws in his appearance but other than that it was great.

  • GemDiva

    To be honest me and my family enjoyed it…it was a little weird,But exciting at the same time..To me it’s a reminder weather dead or alive he still and will always hold the title as The King of Pop..So why be bitter or negative about the performance…If it we’re Elvis wouldn’t nobody be responding so negative..

  • Entertainmentluvva

    a mess i laughed so hard when “it” came out on the stage