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50 Cent Claims He Wasn’t Invited To His Son’s High School Graduation [PHOTOS]



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  • Lucas

    Does this idiot of a child know his dad is paying for his damn tuition?

    • Nicholas Gonzalez

      Money is not everything. Men think that if they pay a price and not their presence, then he is a father. This is not true. In any case, I don’t buy that he didn’t know or was blocked. Even if that were true, nothing could keep me from my son. That is an excuse. A rich man like him with clout has very little excuses to live by anymore.

    • Lady

      How Stupid do you sound???!!! Because you pay the school fees means you don’t show up to games, school events or graduation??? It means you see your sin once in the past year and it’s all good cuz “you’re paying tuition”!!! Really??!! You sound as foolish and immature as the boys father! And why should he be grateful his father is paying his school?? Doesn’t that come with the territory of being the son of a multimillionaire??? Stupid!!!

      • Lucas

        Hey, you stupid. This child said his father was never there for him. Uhm, last I checked, there is a restraining order against his father and he needs permission to attend his graduation. Despite all this, his father is paying for his damn tuition and probably paid for him to graduate as well since his grammar is pathetic. “My mama and sister IS”? How about someone send him back to school where he can learn and not have to have his dad bribe the teacher(s).

    • Evelyn Dunlap

      really u da idiot! curtis jackson obviously doesnt communicate with his son like you to even know when his graduation is ….. stop makin excuses for these no good as rich mf’s not takin care of or communicating with there children

  • SMH

    So disrespectful smh. His mom can make all his games because she probably doesn’t even have a job! Be happy that you have a dad that supports you!

  • Luv

    Money doesn’t replace love.

  • mr

    It sounds like Marquise should have paid more attention in English class.

    • Lady

      Why?? Because he sounds like a kid?? A kid who by the way, graduated early?? Is smart, funny, witty, always has a smile?? Has been hurt by his father being chronically absent from his life?? What “Adult” is critical of a child’s grammar as long as it’s not vulgar is disrespectful which I haven’t seen in this child. You see a young man crying in his mothers arms because his father yet again shows how little he cares and all you can do is criticize his grammar?? REALLY???!!!

  • Stephanie

    Are we serious on this. Let’s just do it from this point of view if. I see he has restraining order, and he and the mom are not great. I blame the mom, son and father. I have a 20 year old who knew no wrong about his dad coming not coming etc.. I feel sorry for no one instead of crying in a cap and hugging mom. IF he the 16 year old wanted his dad there he would have made a call.(he’s old enough) He didn’t need mom to tell anyone anything. And lets not and say we did. We all know a vindictive mom will do all to make the dad look crazy. His son wants his dad he will call now, and make away to have a relationship. Its not up to the public or mom anymore. Dad and son need figure it out. You see I now know when my son’s dad has not done what my son feels he should because now I’m out of it and now get the calls from the father to smooth things over or see how he’s feeling. Just everyone stop. Mom’s do what we do and dads react… and its never right till the kid and the other parent can do there own thing without the other. So while taking a shot at his dad thru social media with mom. Try talking yourself. And stop the nonsense handle your business in house.

  • george987789

    Paying tuition is not the point Lucas. If 50 cent had been communicating with his son he would have known about his graduation. To blame his sons mother if SHAMEFUL, it is not the mothers job to tell 50 cent to be a PRESENCE in his sons life.