Trent Clark

McStruggle: Twitter Slanders McDonald’s New Mascot [PHOTOS]



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  • Chenille

    Oak Brook, IL not Oak Hill

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    You work at mcdonalds yet you want a HUGE paycheck? Have several seats. I understand you have responsibilities but get a better job. Get a degree. If you over 25& you still work at mcdonalds… You’re sad.

    • @Ilove_GQ

      Amen. Find a skill set.

    • Lola

      Stop being judgmental. McDonald’s does not need a bunch on young idi0ts preparing food a few is enough…and I guess the manager should be under 25 too..smh

    • sdanyale


  • The Black Pantheist

    McDonald’s isn’t real food nor is it “nutritious” because bacteria won’t even eat it . If a low level life form like bacteria won’t eat those horrible abominations, then neither should you.

  • Zophie

    Kill yourself if you still eat mcdonalds.

    • Trent Clark


  • Taco Bell’s chihuahua is crackin’ up…

  • MocaPretty

    That happy meal box does have some creepiness to it. LOL

  • ashaaa

    It makes me laugh! I hated Ronald McDonald, and that lemonhead one wtf !