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New Help: 11 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [PHOTOS]


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was one one last night. Stevie J and Joseline were dealing with a bitter ex-employee, Kirk Frost continue to baffle us with his struggle and Karlie Redd proved that she just may be the thirstiest chick in all of Atlanta.

Bambi caught some really bad news while a woman name Dawn, who was ungraciously fired by Joseline, got hella bitter.

However, the star of the episode wasn’t on screen very long. That would be Khadiyah, Joc’s stylist, driver, real estate agent and proud side chick. When confronted by Karlie Redd she responded that she was indeed sleeping with Joc with a devilish grin that was entertainingly glorious.

Next week we get to see the full fight, and we can’t wait. For now, check out 11 things we learned from the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Photos: VH1

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  • let me save yall some clicks…the show straight up ratchet *repeats 11 times*

    • BossLady206

      I just decided today was my last watch. From wack young jock disrespecting his cougar werk to her face to Kirk having a mid-life crisis right in front of our eyes…I just can’t with this show any more. It’s not even entertaining me…I just want to lay my hands on all those people and pray….

      • i mighta watched that show once or twice & i aint really get it…ima be real

    • Crown Heights

      But entertaining none the less lol

      • to some folk anyway lol

      • Crown Heights

        To ALOT of folks, check the ratings.. It’s just a show, it’s completely ratchet and stupid but it’s entertaining, like many other things on tv. I don’t take it seriously. I think that’s when people start not to like it bc they try to analyze the characters lol!!

      • so…disliking something = analyzing??? well aint that some sh!t lol

      • Crown Heights

        yes, when you’re trying to analyze ratchness, and stupidity. Its going to be quite frustrating don’t you think? That may cause for people to dislike it! lol. It’s really not a show worth analyzing is my point, its entertainment only.

      • you woulda did better to call me a hater cause thats where you getting at

      • Crown Heights

        lol! Huh? Do you feel like a “hater”? … Therapy session in progress…proceed lol

  • Melisa

    Congratulations to Karlie Redd on the most uncomfortable dinner situation since “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?”.

  • JRenay

    This show is really depicting Atlanta in a horrible way. The entire cast all air their dirty laundry for the world to see, and aren’t caring about the outcome because of the checks. They all diss each other on Twitter and Facebook, then all party together. I don’t see no love and hip hop being displayed, just a bunch of messy adults that all need reality checks.


      Right…the show started out being somewhat about both when it started with chrissy and jim jones but now its a fiasco

    • MsCreative1


  • ysit

    There is nothing to be learned from this show


    This show is my guilty pleasure. …a lot off trolls tell me I should feel bad for liking this…..but I don’t

    • Shug

      Hey, me either! LMAO!!!!! I love every minute of it and I don’t feel one iota of guilt! It’s no different than people watching the young and the restless! It’s nothing but a ratchet telenovela! And I’m here for it! Lol

  • Tanisha-Lii

    I wanted to turn the tv off after karli and joc. Shes too damn old for this nonsense. She showed nothing but desperateness…