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Janky Jewels: The Top 10 Rappers Called Out For Fake Bling [PHOTOS]


Rappers having bogus jewelry is nothing new: back in 2008, Maino released a hilarious — albeit, in hindsight, quite prophetic — video detailing how common junk jewels were in his “line of work” at the time.

In 2009, The Wall Street Journal (of all outlets) did a similar story exposing artists, as well. While we’re sure no one with any vestige of common sense thought Soulja Boy was a multi-billionaire that could afford jewelry whose value rivaled that of the Hope Diamond (while still not being able to make his child support payments), we, as Hip-Hop fans, still found it hard to believe that our favorite rappers were passing off fugazi floss as legit.

Then, FakeWatchBusta brought the debate roaring back to life with his Instagram account, and things haven’t been the same since.

But the account doesn’t just call out rappers for their BS bling. It, rightly, calls out the jewelers who, aware that the majority of their clientele aren’t schooled in the finer points of gemology (clusters of diamond dust does not a decent ring make, rappers), prey upon their ignorance and sell them $20 jewelry for $20,000.

Here, then, is our list of 10 rappers who have been, either hilariously or unexpectedly, called out for their fake bling.


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  • Fitch

    Souljaboy or W-E his name is talks a lot of ish abt others w fake stuff- and his stuff is all fake- I’m glad he got called out-

    • Aang


  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    How dare they put the Prince here?!!?? I told Scrappy about trusting them on set jewelry… That was from a photoshoot gone mad.

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    You should have given an honorable mention to Ace Hood lol.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    Who creates a twitter account to spot out fake watches?

  • OnlyTheReal

    Hey @berngiacomazzo, any word yet if they busted Rick Ross for having a “fake” multi million dollar house in Atlanta yet?

  • Fugoff

    Lowest end male Rolex watches do not start at 10k. Try about 2500. Do ur research.

    • Aang


  • Aang