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Ciara Announces Son’s Name, Twitter Reacts [PHOTOS]


Earlier today (May 20), the world discovered that Future and wife-to-be Ciara brought a baby boy in the world, but until moments ago, his name was unknown. Then came official word from the singer.

Ciara posted a picture of her son’s hand on Instagram captioned, “FUTURE ZAHIR WILBURN 9lbs 10oz May 19 2014.” Yes, little Future is named, well, Future. But how irrational is that, considering that two of entertainments most famous children are named Blue Ivy (Carter) and North (West), respectively?

Needless to say that the Internets — namely Twitter — swiftly reacted to Ciara’s big announcement. See the aforementioned photo of baby Future Zahir Wilburn below, and find a gallery of reaction tweets after the jump.


Photo: Instagram

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  • tammy

    Don’t like the name..but that little precious arm..says it all..he handsome

  • Reezus

    Well by the time Future, blue and north are adults everyone will have a strange name and it will be normal I guess.

  • Ricoswag305

    You named your son after his father’s rap name LOL. She really needs to be her own person, in a few years she will have a tv show called “keeping up with the futures”

    • Suburban Princess Dior

      Keeping up with the futures I CAN’T

    • Lola

      Well I’m glad she didn’t get knocked up by bow wow or fifty cents

      • lilmissmatched

        LOL, it’s not like those were her ONLY 3 choices…but of the 3??? I can’t call it.

      • Toni Childs

        Bow wow is a better choice than 50 or Future. I just her and Future have an actual future together.

    • Hello86


    • F.W

      Right lol.

  • Say What?

    Now she just needs two more and name them Past and Present…smh…

    • smackyobitchass


    • It’s me


    • Hello86


    • J L

      #dead (wrong)…but funny as hell, lol.

    • F.W

      They can be twins lmao.

  • smackyobitchass

    Lmao… well what’s important is that they like the name…

  • JRenay

    Our names are already common. You’ve, got Apple, Blu, North, and Rainbow. Next its Skittles, Twix, and Starburst.

    • Suga Bear


    • Suburban Princess Dior

      I think APPLE is so cute LOL And all my siblings have normal names Milton, Tamera, Sharde & Kellie

  • RedScorpion

    The name is ridiculous, the next baby will be name past

  • jennellabella2

    What happened to normal names? Oh well guess it’s a celebrity thing.

  • MoneyTrainMike

    At least she didn’t stay with Bow Wow of 50 Cent cuz naming her baby after their stage names would of bin worse

  • Suga Bear

    What do you do when the father wants the baby to be a junior but you really don’t like the dad’s name or his middle name?

  • DRUNK247

    Sounds like a name for a member of boko haram

  • I like the name Ciara named her son. And ppl are being mean…like come on she just had a baby and people got something negative to say. Smh.

  • Maradebe

    Sweet. Future got a gang sign already.

  • F.W

    Future tho smh lmao anyway his arm is cute tho hope all the rest of him the same lol.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    That baby is gonna HAVE to be important when he gets older with a name like Future lol…..

  • Rene’e

    His name reps a great Future ahead for him