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Ciara Announces Son’s Name, Twitter Reacts [PHOTOS]



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  • tammy

    Don’t like the name..but that little precious arm..says it all..he handsome

  • Reezus

    Well by the time Future, blue and north are adults everyone will have a strange name and it will be normal I guess.

  • Ricoswag305

    You named your son after his father’s rap name LOL. She really needs to be her own person, in a few years she will have a tv show called “keeping up with the futures”

    • Suburban Princess Dior

      Keeping up with the futures I CAN’T

    • Lola

      Well I’m glad she didn’t get knocked up by bow wow or fifty cents

      • lilmissmatched

        LOL, it’s not like those were her ONLY 3 choices…but of the 3??? I can’t call it.

      • Toni Childs

        Bow wow is a better choice than 50 or Future. I just her and Future have an actual future together.

    • Hello86


    • F.W

      Right lol.

  • Say What?

    Now she just needs two more and name them Past and Present…smh…

    • smackyobitchass


    • It’s me


    • Hello86


    • J L

      #dead (wrong)…but funny as hell, lol.

    • F.W

      They can be twins lmao.

  • smackyobitchass

    Lmao… well what’s important is that they like the name…

  • JRenay

    Our names are already common. You’ve, got Apple, Blu, North, and Rainbow. Next its Skittles, Twix, and Starburst.

    • Suga Bear


    • Suburban Princess Dior

      I think APPLE is so cute LOL And all my siblings have normal names Milton, Tamera, Sharde & Kellie

  • RedScorpion

    The name is ridiculous, the next baby will be name past

  • jennellabella2

    What happened to normal names? Oh well guess it’s a celebrity thing.

  • MoneyTrainMike

    At least she didn’t stay with Bow Wow of 50 Cent cuz naming her baby after their stage names would of bin worse

  • Suga Bear

    What do you do when the father wants the baby to be a junior but you really don’t like the dad’s name or his middle name?

  • DRUNK247

    Sounds like a name for a member of boko haram

  • I like the name Ciara named her son. And ppl are being mean…like come on she just had a baby and people got something negative to say. Smh.

  • Maradebe

    Sweet. Future got a gang sign already.

  • F.W

    Future tho smh lmao anyway his arm is cute tho hope all the rest of him the same lol.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    That baby is gonna HAVE to be important when he gets older with a name like Future lol…..

  • Rene’e

    His name reps a great Future ahead for him