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Twitter Clowns Batman V Superman Movie With Hilarious Memes [PHOTOS]


All news isn’t good news and Warner Bros. is finding that the hard way after comic book nerds and nerdettes are rebelling against the new Batman V Superman movie title.

Earlier today (May 21), the DC Comics franchise proudly unveiled the Ben Affleck/Henry Cavill superhero flick’s joint logo as well as the official name: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Unfortunately this prompted the cynics to come speeding out of their fanboy Batcaves to steal the momentum from the announcement.

Some felt the title was too hokey. One Twitter user adamantly stated he would forever pronounce it “Batman Five Superman.” Others still couldn’t get over the fact that Ben Affleck had been cast as The Dark Knight after 1). The bang-up job Christian Bale had done in the past decade and 2). The fact he had already played a superhero character onscreen in 2003’s highly unpopular Daredevil.

The film is scheduled for a worldwide release of May 6, 2015, so fans have almost two years to either get over it or keep the slander flowing.

And what’s a good movie announcement without a swarm of memes? Hit the gallery to see where the Metropolis and Gotham City jokes begin and end.

Photos: Twitter

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  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    The title is kinda funny….

  • Sondragon

    Daredevil was a Marvel character. Who the hell did the research for this article?

  • Latrelle

    Lol who wrote this article? More importantly, who proofread? Cyncics? “May 6, 2016” being “almost a full 365 days” away? Yikes! And, yes, Daredevil is a Marvel character. Stan Lee will not make a cameo in this one.