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Kanye West For Mayor Of Chicago?


Ben Shepard, 29, is a Chicago artist and University of Chicago graduate, who fervently believes that Kanye West should run for mayor of Chicago.

Shepard is so convinced that “Kanye West would certainly win” if the rapper ran for mayor in 2015 that he’s endorsing Mr. West via his Kanye 4 Mayor campaign.

According to the artist and writer, not only does Yeezy possess all the right stuff to help shift the city’s dismal climate, he’s also “the only person with the balls to tell the opposition to go f*ck themselves if they stand in his way.”

Do you think ‘Ye should run for mayor of Chicago? Better yet, do you think he’s actually fit for the job? One thing’s for sure, we can’t picture the advertisements of his face politicking from the side of the highway. But what say you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Read the full story over at The Smoking Section.

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  • was that serious?

    I love kanye’s gumption and his idgaf attitude. I love his social commentary and his stance to always tell the truth no matter how ugly. but let’s get serious here… kanye can’t even complete a sentence. He’s always incoherent. There has to be other ways he can help without being the actual mayor.

  • retort

    uh, actually he’s fully capable of finishing sentences. read interviews with him.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    No. He’s way too busy.
    Chicago just needs to be rid of all the filthy bastards.


    Chicago will burn if they let that fool in there

    • Ayo A.

      Chicago’s been burning.

  • joel

    A liberals wet dream.
    As if Chicago isn’t screwed up enough.