Bernadette Giacomazzo

The Top 15 Most Ridiculous Rap Trends

Photo Credit: Dartmouth College

Photo: Dartmouth College

13. Molly

This isn’t the X of the 1990s. MDMA, also known as “Molly,” is ecstasy mixed with an untold possibility of “adulterants” (in other words, it could be cut with anything from laxatives, to baby powder, to — more often than not — crack-cocaine). And while this may come off like a “drugs are bad, mmkay” piece, it’s sort of hard to understand why one would take drugs of questionable origin…let alone simply because of a rapper named Trinidad James.

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  • guest

    Hammer pants… summer of 1990 all over again.

  • Trendsetter

    Confusing…you sight racism for the abundant black arrests then admit that they put themselves there in the first place???? This is EXACTLY WHY people have these “free such and such” movements because we aren’t accountable.