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A Seattle man employed by financial services company Jack Henry and Associates exemplified everything that is wrong with corporate America after being accused of sending bomb threats to his fellow workers (and himself) for the sole purpose of playing hookey.

James Bea, 21, is currently being held on $100,000 bail for an elaborate struggle hoax that even stooped so low to bring his dead brother in the mix. As if the story could get even more twisted, police say the ordeal began after Bea had been on the job a mere three days.

Via Vocativ:

During his short-lived tenure at Jack Henry and Associates, Bea allegedly sent dozens of bomb threats to co-workers in texts and emails, usually filled with unsettling details about their personal lives. Prosecutors also allege that the disgruntled employee-from-hell circulated photographs of his deceased brother splayed out in a coffin. His campaign began just days after he started his job, and in what appears to be an elaborate ruse to avoid going to work (or to just provide himself cover), Bea also cast himself as one of the bomber’s primary targets.

“The defendant orchestrated a sophisticated, calculated scheme that delivered waves of terror for weeks, permeating a multi-state company and leaving many people fearful to come to work,” wrote King County deputy prosecutor Ian D. Ith in court papers.

Bea sent scores of similar bomb threats to his colleagues, court documents allege. To avoid suspicion, he often targeted himself in the messages, which would refer to Bea as “Nigger James” and threaten the life of his young son. Bea even went so far as to use the death of his younger brother, Jalon Bea, who was shot to death by a friend last year, as grist for his mill. Prosecutors say he sent his co-workers images of Jalon resting in a casket at his funeral.

“The two counts alleged in this case are only the tip of an iceberg of serious felony counts that could be added to this case,” reads the court filing. “The detail, planning and vitriol expressed in these scores of messages should give this court grave concern for the safety of all the victims, their families and community in general.”

Jack Henry and Associates may want to do a better job at screening their potential employees in the near future. Bea’s Twitter account is littered with admitted laziness and cynical humor.

Continue on down below in the numbered gallery to see court evidence of his bomb threats and some of his most unscrupulous tweets.

H/T: Gawker

Photos: Twitter/James Bea, Tacoma Police Department

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