You have to love Florida, right? Whether or not you agree doesn’t matter, because you’ll certainly appreciate Sunshine State-based beauty, Jess Molli.

At just 5’4”, Molli is compact and stacked. We’re talking a body that’s as thick as air in the summertime, but before getting into that, let’s discuss how we discovered her.

Molli’s photos caught our eye while perusing of the Internets, but her thousands of Instagram followers infer that we were a little late to the party. Further research revealed that she has done some modelling for Dynasty Series, which you should enjoy. And did we mention that the curvy vixen is also an aspiring rapper, too?

But back to her, um, assets. Molli knows what she’s toting, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it. That much we know.

Hit the gallery after the jump to see more flicks of Jess Molli, our latest Bangin Candy.

Photo: Dynasty Series, Instagram

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