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Capone -n- Norega Speak On Being Ghetto & Praise Waka Flocka


Capone -n- Noreage recently checked in with Hip-Hop Wired spilling a few details on their upcoming new project The War Report 2 dropping June 15th.

In true C-n-N fashion they held no punches and even admitted to a few faults of their own like Nore’s infamous Newport chain and not paying his cable bill and the difference between being “ghetto” and “ignorant.”

“You don’t have to stop being the person you are because you live a certain way. You are who you are but there’s a difference between ghetto and ignorance. Now the Newport piece that I bought, that was ignorant….That was the first time I felt like I played myself a lil bit…”

Peep after the jump for more of Hip-Hop Wired’s exclusive interview with Capone-n-Noreaga as they speak more on the The War Report 2 and stand up for Waka Flocka’s comments about rapper’s dumbing down their lyrics. [More]

“To a certain extent he’s right. When you’re in the club, you kind of want to dumb your lyrics down because you want to say something simple so they’ll get up. My first time of dumbing my vocals down was “Superthug.” ‘You hate the law ni**a break it , I don’t care/ And when you get caught remember I don’t care.’

I got addicted to that and those parts of the record and before you knew it I just wanted to make that line that the crowd was gone say and before you knew you slipped away into just being a club ni**a… But for this we specifically said we ain’t making no club records.”

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