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Nicki Minaj Speaks On Bisexuality, Being A Role Model


“I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so Hip-Hop is too…”

Like it or not Nicki Minaj is arguably the hottest female rapper on the scene and continuing to promote her trademark Barbie image while trying to balance her new task as a role model.

YM’s head mistress is also speaking frankly about her sexual orientation admitting that her lines about relationships with men and women are more than just lyrics and confirming that she’s an openly bisexual woman.

Speaking in an interview Nicki speaks candidly on her sexuality saying that she hopes she can help Hip-Hop to one day embrace an openly gay male rapper.

When asked by Details if she thinks being an openly bisexual rapper will Hip-Hop get more “gay –friendly” she answers,

“I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too. But it’s harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we’ll see one in my lifetime.”

Further along in the interview she also mentions that she doesn’t see a difference between rapping and acting, saying that she goes into character in her music.

“With me, there really isn’t one. I look at rap as an opportunity to act. My head is full of different characters—in each song I’m auditioning a character.”

As previously reported, Onika told the head of Cash Money Records, Baby, that she sometimes feels guilty about the younger audience listening to her music.

She expresses those same sentiments to Details, telling the publication that she sometimes feels pressure to tone down her racy image.

“I do. I’m a role model now. I didn’t know I was gonna have 13-year-old fans, so I’ve tried to change a few things here and there. But I also know that the girls don’t want me to be Miley Cyrus, either.”

Check out the rest of her interview with Details here.

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  • Role Model?

    ….negative…far from it!

  • JB

    She’s delusional! A role model? No way in hell.

    • Tanasya Robinson

      she is my role model but i am not bi

  • OreoBarbie

    she’s my role-modle i luk up 2 ha i got almost every song she has made or feat. in. i luv nicki minaj no gay way but im almost 15 now hit me up on oreo.swagger@gmail.com

    • Nicki Minaj a role model… Hmm let me think… Yes she is. She is awesome and if it wasnt for her i would only like one person in the world she helped me out with my secrets. Nicki MInaj is my wifey and Im her wifey

  • Toi

    She really should just sit down! She is SO far from being a role model to women, young women or even little girls! If a parent is okaying their child to listen to her lyrics or even entertain her as an “artist” they should truly re-evaluate how they’re raising their child. People need to learn that just because someone is on television and is a male or female , that doesn’t mean that they should be HELD as a role model!!! DO NOT ALLOW JUST ANYONE TO BE A ROLE MODEL TO YOUR CHILD!!! Parents, evaluate what the person is saying, what they stand for and truly ask yourself, is this someone I would want my child to look up too. Parents set the standard for their child and lets just make sure the standard is a good one!!!

    • Jay

      I dnt think u haters shud dwn nicki lik dat. how she gona turn someone gay. so u saying that if a 9 year old is listning to her music, she gona turn gay. how foolish. Im 14 and i lik her music but she’s trying to watch what she says in her songs because her audience is so young. Damn pick up ur updates and get to know where she coming from before judgin her.

  • Denise

    Believe it or not, to some kids she is a role model and they will look up to her. Some kids these days can’t separate fiction from real. Kudos to her knowing that young kids do listen and her wanting to be a lil more responsible in her lyrics. A lot of other rapper’s should take note of this

    • KMS15

      Really and truly whether u like it or not Nicki Minaj is a role model…im a younger person and i LOVE her music and everything…but her lyrics do bother me sometimes to know that my YOUNGER sister is listening to that and quoting her lyrics, but it really good to know that she now understands that kids like myself and my sister are listening to her music and thinking about what she says:) But I dont want her to COMPLETELY tone it down…i honestly dont want her to at all!!!

  • butterfly

    Everyone said all I wanted to say already I just feel sorry for the 15 year old that said nicki is your role model, seriously all she wants is your money couldn’t care less about you you want a role model look around you because your family and your teachers should be your real role model not some plastic fake excuse for a female rapper!
    Nicki is an even bigger loser than I thouhgt for chatting this crap .

  • LeslieJ

    I believe her when she says ” she didnt believe younger generation would be listening to her music” THEY Shouldnt be.. I dont let my young kids listen to her music. even though i like it….


    Just the fact that people are commenting on her signifies her as a role model. people with money are role models whether they like it or not. People listen to people with money. Whether she is a good role model is one thing but the truth is, SHE IS A ROLE MODEL!


    role model–noun
    a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, esp. by younger people.

  • nicki u cute and all but when my friends look at me they say i remind them of you and they startin to like me and im a girl i mean why u got to be bi

  • Jay


  • crystal from trinidad yall

    i think dat u haterz need to mind alyuh own busines cause dat is not ur way of livin dat hers. she is not like sayin for her fans to b bi u idiots. yall just hatin on the girl but guess wat shes the one wit the record deal an makin alot of money yall im 17,i love her an her songs, so i think dat yall should take alyuh time an shut up. anyways nicki minaj hi an i got ur back barbie. laterz haterz haahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  • alize

    nicki minaj u are like soo pretty and seriously dont listen to these haters keep up the good work gurly

  • MONiCA

    i use to like her but i read this,,,,. wow



  • KaYoTiCk

    ummmm how the f*** is nicki turning girls bi? um duh thats not a choice its a lifestyle and nicki has nothing to do with it. she has done more than yall have with yalls life, and u looking her up and commenting just shows that she is a role model. f*** yall haterz get a life and quit talking sh**. f***ing losers

  • yall just in dat guh bizznes let ha beh damn

  • trini dv

    Alot of artist get into the industry not even thinkin that people would look at them as role models…. you didn’t feel out your job application knowing that a child would see you at work and admire you for whatever you do. So i see where nicki is comin frm when she says that, Never cut yourself short of expressing yourself …. its a tough balance when your famous. you have things for grown people and things kids can listen too, its all in the parents to keep them frm that not nicki. if you dont wanna hear it then don’t listen plan and simple.

  • CaRm3L BArBi3

    4 all u grown hatersout there if ur kids r listenin 2 her nd u dnt want dem2 its ur damn fault b cause UR LETTN DEM so mind ur own damn business u fuccn haters. stp ridn nd im 13 nd i LuV NicKi MinAJ.

  • Ok…Not a HUGE fan but the woman is a Role Model. Anyone with influence is a role model…No matter what role you choose to model the world is full of you impressionable minds & they do what they see people being accpted doing…How many times have you wanted to get some new shoes because the popular girl was wearing them???

  • Laughing at you

    It’s funny how half the comments on this page lack legitimate use of grammar and spelling. Shows the type of fans defending Nicki Minaj has right? It doesn’t make you cool or “gangsta” spEllInzZ lik3 dys aLL duh tyME~*~

  • wateva

    ok….dont none of us know her personally…she dont pay none of our bills…contribute to our households…why the f*** do we care wat she do in her life…thats her…lets worry bout ourselves…she aint thinkin bout nann one of us…sry….

  • kiana

    She is kinda a role model!

  • All uu hatter awss bytches need tu fall bck kuzz nicki minaj is one of thee best female rappers out there! Nd she is the best barbie ever juss kuzz shes bi that doesnt mean shes making thee rest of us gurls bi wee make our own decisions soo stop hattin kuzz uu kant b bomb lyke her soo wat if her awss and boobies r fake butt if she bought it then she kan flawn itt. She is a gourgess beautiful young women and yess ii du c her as a role model does dat mean im bi hell naw but ii still gott mad luv 4 nicki and young money!!

  • april

    I think she is a role model really she just showin character and all yallz have ta hate on her get reall and i love how she is bi.. it lets ppl express there feelings get reall wit allyallz is talkin .. fo real tha rude.. i love how she speaks her mind and !ya ll have a right fo opinion but no need ta judge fo reall..

  • cameron


  • MAD


  • young money

    man idk y mpplk b hatin on her well i do kno itz cuz the way she dresses and talks and her actions i mean y yall gota hate on her swag im just say u just do u nd ima do me u c were im comin from but she really iz a good rapper and she pretty well she had plastic surgery some off yall say she shouldnt have goten dat plastic surgery thatz yall opinion i honestly think that she shouldnt expose her body like that cuz somebody may get the rong idea bout u yall c wat im sayin


    i think niki is ok!!!! and she should be able to rap whatever she want!!! she’s a grown woman she’s not hurting anyone!!!! if you feel that she’s doing too much then parent’s should keep their children from listening to her and everybody elses music!!!! find them sum jazz to listen too with no lyrics/words!!!!!!!! or you can never go wrong with gospel music!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  • NewNee The Barbie !

    I Think Nicki Minaj Is A Role Model . People Aree Just Madd Because Thay Can’t Be Her ( Get Over It ) . If Your Madd Because She Has The Youth Listening To Her Music Ohh Well That’s Not Her Problem . Everybody Is In Love w. Her Music&& Her . I Know Every Song Nicki Has Wrote&& She’s Not Just On Other Peoples Songs She Doing Her Own Stuff TOO For The Dumb People Who Don’t Know . So For Everybody On Here Hatin’ On Nicki Yall Should Go Sit Down&& Shut UP Cause Yall Aree Just JEALOUS . Nicki Is MY Role Model !

  • Pepe

    She’s a role model because she has the influence of being one, by just doing what she does. As a side note, you can’t turn someone bi/gay Lol. It’s either in you or it aint. If someone happens to help you come to that conclusion, then what of it haha. Harajuku Love.

  • Rai

    Foreal id understand why u gotta hate on da bad bish, plz keep hatin cuz like i say hatas make u famous, an like Waka say; rain rain, go away dats wat all mii hatas sayy ! Nicki Minaj u dha shyt an, no 1. No one can bring u dwn an its good to have haters bcuz it makes u popular, cuz wit out em’ wudnt make u ah bad bish ! So i sayy go Nicki (Onika)
    and ur pretty/ Fine (No homo)

  • shawty123o

    i dnt think yall shuld be hatin on nikki lyk dat if she want to be gay let ha be she is a grown woman it aint yall so y yall up in ha mix and dnt no da flava stay out ha biz………….any way’s i luv u nikki and i luve all yo songs i am 13 years old!!!!!!!!!!!wen kids around my school be tlkin bout u i be tellin dem to stop tlkin about my sista b/c i call u my sista……………………………………………………….luv u nikki

    young money team manaj i get’s crazi…follow me on twitter shawty1230

  • halie

    Nicki, dont listen to the hatersss! you are the best rapper ever!!! you just keep doing what you doing!! i have been bi since the 8th grade and im open about it!! and you are a great role model!! and i hope to meet you one day!! 🙂

  • raechelle

    i understand that people on here have their likes and dislikes about Nicki Minaj, but that dont mean she isnt a role model too sum females.. jus cuz sum of u all dont think she is a role model doesnt mean that the ones that do think she is a role model is gay.. i am 17 years old.. idk how old n e body else is on here but this is childish, to argue down a child on here.. i’ve been readin sum very out of the ordinary ish and it pissed me off… if uu dont like Nicki Minaj its okk to express it but if u dont kno jack sh** bout here dont leave nun bout her. thats all i gotta say.. LOVE UU NICKI

  • raechelle

    i understand that people on here have their likes and dislikes about Nicki Minaj, but that dont mean she isnt a role model too sum females.. jus cuz sum of u all dont think she is a role model doesnt mean that the ones that do think she is a role model is gay.. i am 17 years old.. idk how old n e body else is on here but this is childish to argue down a child on here.. i’ve been readin sum very out of the ordinary ish and it pissed me off… if uu dont like Nicki Minaj its okk to express it but if u dont kno jack sh** bout here dont leave nun bout her. thats all i gotta say.. LOVE UU NICKI

  • lkjhgfdsa

    That is really mean too say and you need to think about what your saying. What if your daughter or son ended up being gay. Would you resent him/her because they do not fall under the category of what “normal” to people?

  • Jennifer

    I love nicki got all her music.an as far as her turning girls bi that’s not possible an I know that for a fact cause I am an nobody turned me this way got something. To say hit me back at casper4life1985@yahoo
    Com keep it up nicki love ya

  • Beamanshamiiah

    Nicki minaj I lovr I font care what no one eks say nout it well that shouldnt really rven matter but um yeah oooay she bi y all imyalk people even hayin on hea

  • keabetswe

    Nicki I don’t care if ur bio or not I still love u and yes u are a role model xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.