Trent Clark

Straight-A Student Denied Valedictorian Because Of Imaginary Rule [PHOTOS]



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  • Ezine Anderson

    Sigh… he is competing against a student who has completed 4-years at the high school, although he has only completed 3-years. This affects the weighted GPA and arbitrarily inflates it over the valedictorian candidate who completed 4-years. — QUESTION: Is it fair for the 4-year valedictorian candidate to be looked over by a student whose grades are only based on 3 years? NOTE: The media is RACE-BAITING and are only running this story because he is a black male and the other valedictorian candidate is white. Notice, they did not tell you the name or race of the salutatorian who, also, lost the title because he/she came in as a sophomore.

  • Ezine Anderson

    Also, lol @Trent Clark. Straight-A student? You, obviously, didn’t look at your own pictures that you posted.


    Ezine has been commenting on every article about this story STFU. He was cheated case close… Race has nothing to do with it.