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The 15 Reasons Bey Z Didn’t Attend KimYe’s Wedding


If you thought that that Watch The Throne II was on its way soon, think again!

With KimYe finally husband and wife, it seems that the powers-that-be have turned their attention to who did and did not show up. Being dubbed as “the ultimate snub,” Jay Z and Beyonce were reportedly a no-show at the rap-reality duo’s extravagant nuptials in Florence, Italy.

While the couple’s family and famous friends (see: weed carriers) flocked to 16th Century Forte di Belvedere, Beyonce and her husband were in the Hamptons, according to Us Weekly. There was a lot of speculation on whether the powerhouse package would attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s wedding, and guess what — it didn’t happen.

What does this mean for The Throne? Will Yeezy bust out a rant at this year’s Made In America?

Let us know what you think, as we breakdown the 15 reasons why Bey Z clearly weren’t in wedding attire!

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Bey Z Feel Bad For Rob

Scott Disick turns 30 with 'Lord Disick-Style' birthday bash at Hyde Bellagio

Photo: WENN

No one cares about the forgotten Kardashian son and brother, but with his health taking an interesting left turn Bey Z probably felt bad about him to not show up at KimYe’s wedding.

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  • smittyt

    DON’T YOU HATE IT WHEN… Black family members bring their mixed zebra babies to the family functions and family reunions and force them upon our 100% black children. Tale those mixed zebras to the white functions. We don’t want our 100% to play with your mixed rabbits!!

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      Beyond FUNNY!!! Cant stop laughing!!

      • M1

        beyond dumb, im feenin to smack the prettyness out you for encouraging this bullshit hoe

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      F*ck is wrong with you?!….

    • waitaminute2

      are you stupid ? I bet if you did a DNA TEST there would be some WHITEMAN SOMEWHERE IN YOUR GENETIC MAKE UP , either that or some red indian who owned slaves shut up

  • hollywood71

    Bey didn’t want Jay around Rachel Roy

    • Mystery

      What is it with this Rachel Roy?

      • Ayisha

        Trust me, nothing!

      • Wolfperm

        She is a thirsty @ss struggling designer who milked Damon Dash dry in order to get her clothing line off the ground. She sold the majority of her brand to the highest bidder and is attempting to manipulate/recruit investors like Jay Z to help her get it back because she’s losing creative control. She is a replica of Kim K with just a few more brain cells.

      • hollywood71

        She’s the one the say Solo kicked Jays a## over

    • Ayisha

      Shut up with the BS!!!! Bey isn’t a fan of Kim K and don’t to be around them. Rachel Roy don’t have anything to do with this

      • hollywood71

        You shut the F#ck up. I’ll say what I want#! Who the F# ck are you!! I DON’T D#CK RIDE ANYBODY but you keep on licking B’s boots like she’s paying your bills, bills, bills..LMFAO

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  • Natasha3

    Blue Ivy allergic to fakes??!??!……..I highly doubt that!! What is the big deal that Beyonce & Jay Z did NOT show up??!??! At the end of the day, the three people that needed to be there were there. God, Kanye & Kim!!!!! Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s blessings is not, were not, wasn’t needed!!

    • Just Said It!

      Tell them again! I’m no fan of either Kanye or Kim but dammit, what’s up with all this Bey Bey Bey crap. They didn’t want to attend and did not show up. Don’t destroy another man’s happy day coz some people feel it was unnecessary being there. Congratulation to Kanye and especially Kim (hope it lasts longer).

  • ♥Shicola manuel♥

    Who cares if beyouce or jayz didn’t show up people make like its a big deal they are not royalty god puts man and woman together to be married as one in his eyes not them to eyes they family and friends was there and thats all that matter

  • kisstheringfool

    People act like jayz and beyonce missed their own wedding smh

  • wesley peabody

    Jay and Ye’ not as close as Ye’ claims… He (Ye’) should take it as that and move on.

  • Ayisha

    They just didn’t want to go…Kim K wedding was a circus. Bey and Jay aren’t with that, they’re own wedding was top secret.

  • AndyTrue

    Kanye is an idiot..He has broken the cardinal rule..
    “You cant turn a Ho into a housewife” Bruce Jenner tried it and look what happened. I give it a year…

    • Webslinga

      A year, is a very generous guess.

    • waitaminute2

      73 days and counting LOL

  • Supergay

    What happened to Bro’s before Hoes??

  • hollywood71

    It kills me how people ride for these people they don’t even know and who could give 2 f’s about them. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but go against someone else’s opinion they lose their mind! ! It’s real easy to get tough on the Internet. .cyber thugs!!!.LMAO

  • Brittany

    1-15 they had better things to do

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    Bey don’t fly no COACH lmao!