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Black Twitter Weighs In On T.I. And Floyd Mayweather Fight [PHOTOS]



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  • S Jo

    You know that Tiny is feeling cute cus she had a room full of grown men throwing chairs, fist, calling the police, and about to kill each other behind her!

    • ♥Shicola manuel♥

      The idea of being cute shouldn’t even cross her mind lol

      • S Jo

        Ha! Lol! 🙂

      • Tiny’s Melted Face


  • TI is FINE

    TI isn’t dumb…he knows Floyd will go to jail for fighting because he’s a boxer and his hands are considered weapons….

    Why not get that ninja arrested….

    • ThaTruthful1

      Then why he approached him!?!

  • Michelle

    Dumb move Tiny. TI likely deserved it but dudes don’t look or respect women the same after shenanigans like this…sad cuz their children will hear about this from other kids…u know that.

    • dezy p

      Yep, now tip will be all out in the open with his shenanigans, at least he was tryin to hide it at first! Now u gon see him on all gossip sites with different bishes! U loose tiny! u need to remember u are not his equal, u can’t do what he do!! He is the catch!!

  • Tinaria

    Jealous now huh? U can go hang out and have females hang all over u but when the boomerang comes back around u mad and wanna fight smmfh…… She was hanging out there like all the other people there was. What’s the big deal???

    • Tee Moore

      Exactly. Dudes trip me out how they be cheating and sleeping around on their girlfriends and wives, but when she does it, he acts like it’s the apocalypse. Dudes really be expecting the woman to just sit there while they cheat. Anyways, Tiny was just partying with Floyd and the rest of the money team. NOTHING WAS GOING ON BETWEEN THEM. T.I just wanted some publicity for an upcoming album or project.

  • ♚A. R.♚(♫ Mr. Randy Watson♫)

    These cat’s fighting over Tiny is the equivalent of fighting over a last place bronze medal smh.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Tip must be off probation. He hella bold to go up against Floyd.

    • ThaTruthful1

      Stupidity sums it up!

  • Wepo1Is MyQueen

    My co0chie smell like tiny upper lip

    • Krissy


      • Wepo1Is MyQueen


    • Queen Ariyah


  • forreal

    Floyd just explained his side of the story in detail..I guess T.I. Got those hands put on him a lil…Floyd talkn bout T.I. Like:lets see T.I.s Face!lol. T.I. ended up canceling his show after the fight. T.I. Should’ve never confront Floyd, he was suppose to handle that in private with tiny…she’s the one who flew out there twice:for his may 4th fight and his daughters b-day bash, tiny is the one who posted pics on her IG…T.I. made himself look like a complete idiot trying to confront Floyd on (two) separate occasions!! Wtf



  • I luv cpt

    Floyd explained what happened on Necole b!tch!e blog.

    • Profane HipHop


  • dezy p

    Uhm Tiny, how is money mae your new bae and u suppose to be happily married gurl? Remember your lies now! when tip start flaunting his new bishes u gon be in the corner mean mugging!!

  • 123kwade

    Lmao at Miss Piggy and Kermit “CONTROL WHAT”

  • Huggy Bear

    Bottom line, Regardless of how she looks she is his wife. I don’t give a damn if she wore and eye patch and had a peg leg at the end of the day that’s still his b*tch.

  • ysit

    Smh@”black twitter”