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Ice Cold: The Top 10 Black Players In The NHL Right Now [PHOTOS]


3. Kyle Okposo, RW, New York Islanders

Okposo has blossomed over the past 18 months for the Islanders. He’s extremely tough to knock of the puck, has a good wrist shot, and exhibits excellent leadership qualities. He was a notable omission from Team USA at this year’s Olympics, as Team USA limped through a disappointing showing.

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      • Kitty

        I agree. He’s just looking for some attention.

  • Breezus


  • We need more black players with an edge. I don’t want them to get in trouble, but they should be more cocky. That would be good for marketing

  • Jada

    P.k. Subban ….. is from TORONTO….. His dad was a principal at Driftwood middle school!!!

  • Ashstar Noir

    Yay for Subhan, and yay for Montreal Canadians!

  • X Montrealer

    “African-American players are becoming increasingly prominent in the
    sport, and here you can check out the current top 10 in the gallery.”

    Only three players listed are actually Americans. Of the rest, six are Canadians, and one is a Swede. Please do your homework. Not everyone who’s black is an American, so calling them all “African Americans” is inaccurate.