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15 Twitter Reactions To Rick Ross’ “Rich Forever” Face Tattoo


It’s not as outlandish as Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone tattoo, but the H.B.I.C. of Maybach Music just did something he may later regret. Rick Ross got a new “Rich Forever” tattoo, on his face. 

With the sales of Mastermind not looking up to snuff for the heavyweight MC, it seems that Rick Ross is attempting to make noise any way he can. The Internets was gifted with a special surprise as the former penal officer turned rapper showed off his new face tat, courtesy of master tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.

Being surrounded by a gang of rappers who have no problem inking up their face must’ve propelled the Haitian rapper to join the crowd. So, with the assistance of Hurtado, he permanently placed his mantra smack-dab in the middle of his trademark beard. Hurtado was “honored” for the opportunity to place the title of Ricky’s third mixtape on his grill, saying, “Just tattooed @richforever the man him self! ‘Rich Forever’ under his lip. Single needle action #MMG thanks for the hospitality bro.”

It’s no secret that Rick Ross wants his life to be full of richness and lavish dreams, and now those words will stick with him for the rest of his natural born days.

Surprisingly, the move didn’t become as big of a trend as the man thought (probably because T.I. vs. Mayweather was just too good to overlook), but that didn’t stop us from cataloging the best Twitter reactions to Officer Ricky’s new face ornament.

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Photo: Twitter

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  • Ayisha

    He isn’t your average guy walking the streets….He is an entertainer in a totally different world, this tattoo will not affect his life or career.

    • Huckle Buck

      Ayisha, you stupid?

      • Ayisha

        Huckle Buck, are you?

  • Huckle Buck

    The devil is working overtime! Get right with God or get left behind! Feel free to tattoo that on ya’ face officer Ricky!

  • champhf

    This is such a life turn around from what he did for a living… he gets it straight off the boat.

  • Louis Foolacoon

    Looks at me.

  • jerrylarry

    I actually think its cute n creative and hes an entertainer…