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Hip-Hop Wired: How does The Rebirth EP differ from past projects?

Deniro Farrar: The Rebirth EP, it’s more of a confessional than anything. All of my last bodies of work, they were more like trying to display and showcase my talent, while this moreso this is a more organize body of work.

It really sums up everything about Deniro Farrar people didn’t know – from my past life in the streets to dealing with my relationship with my mom to dealing with my little brother’s incarceration to just leaving a lot of that stuff behind, because it’s been carrying it on. It’s like a burden on my shoulders through all of these projects, so now this is the confessional. This is me letting go and moving on to the next chapter in my life.

HHW: Would you call the process therapeutic?

Deniro Farrar: Right. That’s what it is.

HHW: Some would say that you’re music is descriptive enough and needs very little clarification, so why decide to do a vlog series in advance of The Rebirth?

Deniro Farrar: Visuals bring everything to life. The music is a script and I feel like the visual is the actual movie. I had to incorporate that because they go hand in hand. People like to actually see what they’re listening to. And I wanted to give the people that – something that they can have an emotional attachment to, something that they can see. That’s all it really is.

HHW: How did you coin the phrase “Cult Rap?”

Deniro Farrar: It originated from having a cult following…. From me calling my following a cult following. Music that isn’t really forced upon the masses that isn’t on the radio. It’s basically substance-based music; that’s what gave me the whole concept to actually brand it as “cult rap.”

It’s like these people who follow my music – they’re cult followers – and the music they’re listening to, they actually gravitated towards that without it being forced upon them, so it’s cult rap. I came up with the definition for cult rap from what the body of work entails, which is music that isn’t influenced by materialistic sh*t, flamboyant activities. It’s solely based off of substance.

HHW: By definition, it sounds like you’re not the first to do “Cult Rap.”

Deniro Farrar: Oh yeah, most definitely.

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