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Certified Fresh: Deniro Farrar – A Living Cult Classic




HHW: Who inspired your style, rap-wise?

Deniro Farrar: I never had inspiration with music. My life is my inspiration. The sh*t that I’ve been through in my life is the inspiration. I draw from that, I never pull from a rapper. I have artists that I like, but I never had anything that was really influenced in the music that I made until now.

I’ve never listened to an artist so much that I hear them in my music. That’s why it’s so hard to identify [my influences], because I don’t really listen to artists for that. I just listen to them because I like them, so I don’t have any to be completely honest.

HHW: Do you plan on telling North Carolina’s story?

Deniro Farrar: I’m actually telling that story right now. As far as North Carolina, it’s blocked off in segments. I can’t really tell the whole North Carolina story, because I live in North Carolina, but I live in Charlotte, NC. We’ve got Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville, all of these different entities to the state.

I can only tell Charlotte’s story and it hasn’t been told. Just the lingo period, the way we enunciate words… a lot of people from this city, they’re gonna know – being from this city – what I’m talking about when I talk about certain things or when I bring up a certain series of events. It’s really not for the world to understand, because everybody not from Charlotte. But when a person from Charlotte hears certain things or they hear me mention a certain name, then it’s going to hit home for them. When local people hear the music, I’m telling the story, but to the world, I’m just a guy who has some real honest music.

HHW: Do you hope to eventually get radio support, local or otherwise?

Deniro Farrar: We getting a lot of love right now on satellite radio. I don’t really get a lot of local radio support, which is fine. I’d rather be global than local any day. The satellite radio thing is a global thing; everybody’s listening to satellite radio. I’m getting a lot of spins on there right now with my single “Bow Down,” so it’s actually going really, really well. It is what it is.

HHW: How did you go about selecting “Bow Down” as a single?

Deniro Farrar: The public selected it. When I dropped it, it got over a hundred and something thousand listens in the first week and a half or so. So I didn’t pick it, they picked it.

It was just a single that I really enjoyed. I made it with my little brother Denzel Curry from Florida. We threw it out there to see what the world thought about it, and the world really embraced it. They made that decision. It’s like ‘Aiight, let’s give them what they want.’

HHW: What made you select Warner Bros./Vice Records as your label?

Deniro Farrar: Because they’re not your typical rap label and I’m not your typical rap artist, and I feel like they were a better suit than anybody. I can’t really see myself signing with a lot of these labels. I feel like they really understood the brand and where I was going with my music. They where willing to give me full creative control over my music, which a lot of artists lack and a lot of artists aren’t grateful enough to have. Once I seen that, it was a no-brainer.


“Big Tookie”

“Look At The Sky” ft. Flosstradamus

“The Calling”

“Bow Down” ft. Denzel Curry

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